Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Beauty Must-Haves

I am not one of these people who stays up-to-date on fashion trends, make-up, clothes, etc.  And even if I did, I have no idea how to put anything together!  Just walking by Sephora is enough to cause a slight panic attack.  I completely admire the people who just instinctively know what colors, layers, and pieces go well together and can do a smokey eye and not look like they've gotten punched!  

I would probably describe my style as: simple.  I wear cardigans and camis.  If I'm feeling extra brave that day, I may even try to tackle a scarf. (But don't ask me about different ways to wear a scarf.  I know one way. La-dee-dah.)  That is the extent of my "layering" ability. :)

Given that I don't know much about fashion, I keep my make-up to a minimum.  I like a light, airy feel and I don't like anything that looks caked on.  I'm hopeful that there are more people out there like me, haha!  But here are my top products that I use on a regular basis.

1. My skin is crazy.  It's both oily and dry at the same time.  Don't ask me how this is possible because I just don't know.  I know I need a moisturizer, but it seems like anytime I use one, it causes me to break out.  Because it either makes my skin too oily, or so dry my body tries to overcompensate for the dryness and...causes me to break out!  My mom actually found this product for me.  It's extremely light when it goes on and isn't oily at all.  They have one with SPF in it that I've tried, but I found it smells like sunscreen and makes my face feel oily.  So I stick with the non-SPF kind.

2. I was a little behind on this trend!  But I love the Naked palette.  I tend to stick with neutral colors for eye shadow and this has pretty much what I look for.  I love the way it goes on and there is just enough "shimmer" for me that I don't feel like it's overload on my face.  I haven't gotten up the courage to buy the Naked 3 palette, but I'm getting closer to wanting it!

3. I've used this mascara for years now.  I buy mine in the brown-black color with the straight wand.  I've tried the curved wand and it does okay, but again....simple is the way to go for me.  I don't like for my eyelashes to "clump" together and I've always been happy with the results I've gotten with this mascara.  

4. For some reason, I love a packed powder better than one that isn't.  This one is perfect.  It comes with a foam applicator, but I like to use a powder brush.  I seem to be able to get it to go on more even with a brush. And I haven't seemed to have any residue on my shirts (like around my collar). this foundation.  I hate foundations that feel heavy, leave streaks, and make me look like I have globs of make-up on.  This is perfect.  It feels so light and look natural on my skin.  Clinique stopped making the other foundation I used and this was their replacement.  I was wary at first because it has sunscreen in it, and hello, that stuff makes me break out.  (see above.)  But I gave it a try and I haven't gone back.  I can't even tell it has sunscreen.  So that's a bonus.

6. I think this product is why I love the Naked palette so much.  I put this base on before I apply any eye shadow and I don't have to reapply anything  And that's no lie.  Like I said, I'm not a pro at this stuff, but I'm thinking that's pretty good, right?  On the days I don't wear make-up, I'll still put this on my eye-lids, top off with my regular packed powder and it looks like flawless-skin-without-make-up.  Score.

These aren't super duper, crazy products.  But they work for what I need and I'm happy with them.  I'm always up for learning/using new products, though, so what are your favorites that I need to try?

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