Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday

This is my second week of doing 5 on Friday.  I like using it to remember the things I haven't blogged about that happened during my week.  For some reason (not naming any names...Hadley...) I don't have all the time in the world to blog about everything!

One. Unless you've been living under a rock (and that would be a really cold rock), you've probably heard about "the vortex" that had a large portion of the states living with below freezing temps.  I'm pretty sure I read at last 100 Facebook statuses about it--complete with accompanying iPhone weather pictures to boot.  Considering I haven't been in 9 degree weather before, I jumped on that bandwagon, too.

*Yes, that is me sans make-up in a bathrobe.  I have no shame.  It was 9 degrees outside, the lowest it had been, and I had to RUSH outside to snap a pic before it warmed up to whopping double digits again...

Two. Downton Abbey is back!  (Again with the rock...surely you've heard about this, too!) I spent the weekend re-watching Season 3 in preparation for Season 4 Sunday night.  And Hadley prepped by having Mommy read her "Mouseton Abbey".  She was quite concerned that the Great Big Cheesy Diamond went missing before Cheesmas.  Even better?  The Husband is watching with me.  Now that's a good man. :)  I'm pretty sure he's a closet DA fan...

Three. I saw this cute little project on Pinterest and had to try it out.  I wanted to remember Hadley's sweet little feet because she's growing way too fast.  I had some extra square tiles from some other projects and just used that with acrylic paint.  I sprayed clear polyurethane over it for a shiny finish.  It did not work like I wanted it to.  I don't know that I'd call it a Pinterest Fail per se, but it's definitely not a Pinterest win.  I'd say it's more or less a Pinterest "ehh".  Whatever, her feet are cute. (In hindsight, I would have gotten better paint brushes, waited until Hadley was a little more sleepy to do her feet, and used a bigger tile.  I think the square was just too small.)


Four. Hadley has reflux.  She's on zantac for it, so she no longer screams the entire day (bless it!) but we still go through plenty burp cloths, bibs, outfits, etc.  Now that we are past football season (another mom fail), I finally sat down and made her a Clemson burp cloth!  I got some orange hand towels from my mother-in-law for Christmas and decided to just use those.  One embroidered purple paw and a cute font name later, Hadley's burp cloth was born.  I think she likes it!

Five. Have you seen this app?  I was looking for a good phone devotional, something that would give me a good bible verse to mull over while I drink my coffee in the morning.  I think I found it.  The bible verse is presented on a different background each day and you can save it to use as wallpaper, share it on IG, Twitter, FB.... and there is a great devotional to go along with the verse.  Short but thought provoking.  So far, they are really speaking to me.  (Although, the irony didn't escape me that the app says it's "free" and when you actually get into it, it's just a free 31 day trial and you have to pay for the whole app....and the day 2 devotional was about how our culture is wary of descriptions of things that are "free" because there is usually a catch.  Like it's only free for 31 days but we don't tell you that when you download our app...)  Either way, I've enjoyed adding this to my daily walk!

Whew, what a week.  Life is so good right now.  So good. :)


  1. Mouston Abbey has got to be the cutest thing ever! :)

  2. I'm a sucker for all things Clemson AND monogrammed so I'm loving that burp cloth you made! It's too cute!

  3. LOOOOVVVVVEEE me some downton!!!! THE BEST! And Mouseton Abbey...HA! Amazing. Need to check that out. Happiest weekend, lovely! xx

  4. I just found you from the link up! I'm a nurse too in the CICU! Your daughter is adorable! I was trying to start watching Downton Abbey but they don't have it on netflix anymore! Do you know of any other way to watch it? My husband finally said he would watch it with me and now we can't!

  5. The picture in your bathrobe is too funny! Brr:) I'll have to check out that app! Visiting from Five on Friday!

  6. I saw that Mouseton Abbey book in Barnes and Noble last weekend and it took all I had not to buy it! It's adorable! I'm glad your little one is feeling better - baby reflux is no fun! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

  7. Your little girl is adorable and so is that burp cloth you made her! Visiting from the Link Up :)

  8. Girlfriend, you are crazy if you think your tile is anything but a Pinterest win!! That is so stinkin cute!!

    Your little babe is so adorable!!

    Happy weekending :)


  9. Love the Downton Abbey book, and what an adorable tile! Also, Hadley looks exactly like you in the burp cloth picture- how sweet :)

  10. I love DA, too. I hope it doesn't keep getting worse, or I will quit watching.

  11. Dropping by from the link up! I love that burp cloth you made. I just need to get a embroidery machine and I can join you in a monogram madness!