Friday, January 3, 2014

5 on Friday!

Okay, friends!  I'm linking up today for 5 on Friday!  I've never done this before.  I don't know where I've been.  Please don't judge.

1. Hadley met some of my very favorite people this week.  It brings me such joy to see people I love meet my sweet little.  And now that she's starting to smile, the pictures melt my heart even more than they did before!  Anna (on the left) and Faith (on the right)  are about to be 15 and 14.  I started babysitting them when I was 12.  TWELVE!  Is it even possible that they are teenagers already?  And to see them holding Hadley was surreal.

2. We had huge New Year's Eve plans!  We spent the evening making pizzas and cuddling with our sweet girl!  It. was. perfect.  Her head control has gotten better so we've been sitting her in her high chair and she loves it. (Usually!)  Her last feeding of the night is usually around 11:00 pm, so we did make it to the New Year.  But after the ball dropped, so did we. :)  I did not miss the crowds!

3.  I got Seasons 1-4 of Modern Family for Christmas.  I die every time I watch an episode of that show!  Sophia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet are so hysterical!  If you don't watch it, you should really give it a chance!

4.  Girlfriend has really started smiling recently, especially when she sees mommy!  That alone warms my heart, but she's smiling with her eyes!  She is just so happy and it makes the days so much fun...especially since I haven't quite figured out how to get things done around the house with a baby...

5.  Number 5 hasn't happened yet.  (Is that allowed?  Are there a set of rules?  I couldn't find them.  My apologies if this is off the beaten path...) It's happening tonight!  David, Hadley, and I are heading to a friend's house to cheer on our Clemson Tigers in their bowl game!  Lose or win, it's bound to be a good time.  I'm making dirt cake, which is probably not going to help me lose my baby weight.  Oh well, it's for a good cause, right...right?


  1. Visiting from the linkup! Hadley is so precious! Dirt cake sounds delicious. Happy weekend! :)

  2. Baby smiles are the best! She is precious!

  3. Hi from the linkup! You did a great job!!! Your little one is SO precious!!! Look at her smilin in that last pic...bless!!!!

    Happy Friday, Erin! xx