Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday: Bunnies, Babies, and a Clean House!

I sure do love this weekly link-up.  It helps me pick out things from my week that I want to remember down the road!

This week....

Baby bunnies are back!  A few years ago, right around this time, Marley started nosing around a spot of lumpy grass in our backyard and found a nest of baby bunnies.  David took him out to potty last night and it seems that he's found another bunny nest!  This nest was built up higher so I'm thinking these are brand new bunnies.  There has been a huge rabbit hanging around the house the last few days so we are thinking that's mom.  We learned the last time that the mom's only come to check on their babies one time a day so that they don't attract predators.  Hopefully we will be able to watch them grow like before! (These two pictures are from a few years ago.  We haven't gotten any of the babies this year.  I think they are still too small!  But see how much they grew?!)

I don't know if it's the "arrival of spring" (I use quotations because it's still 50 degrees here.  We had one day of spring-like weather and then it disappeared.  Get. it. together.) or if I'm nesting 5 months late (ha!) but I've felt the need to clean my house from top to bottom.  I'm talking trash bags full of stuff to give to goodwill, dusting, the whole nine yards.  Doesn't it feel good to do a nice, deep clean every once in a while?


Hadley discovered that her feet make good chew toys.  I'm pretty sure it's because her toes are so fat and squishy.  Who wouldn't want to chew on their feet if they had fat, squishy toes?

In all of my cleaning glory, I went through Hadley's closet and cleaned out a bunch of clothes that no longer fit her.  She's a chunk, what can I say?  I found the cutest little summer outfit that just isn't going to fit her by the time warmer temperatures roll around, so I had to improvise.  Better yet?  It's an outfit I wore when I was baby.  Talk about major hand-me-downs!  She was much cuter in the outfit!

It's just way too much fun having a girl!  Girl clothes are the cutest and she wears them well!  Fat baby feet in pink sandals?  Yes, please!

Hadley's Nana and Grandpop (David's parents) are coming into town this weekend, so I know she will have a good time.  I hope everyone else has a great weekend as well!


  1. Awwwwwwwww baby bunnies, so cute!

  2. Oh man she is an absolute doll!! -and those bunnies? So cute! We always found them (unfortunately) after the fields had been mowed and without their moms they are super hard to care for at times (I'm talking tiny bottles and all) Hope you can watch them grow up! Happy Weekend!

  3. We found baby bunnies in our backyard too! One got away and the other was dead or so we thought. We later checked and he had hopped off! Guess he wasn't dead! Hadley is so precious! She is exactly why I want a little girl. They're so cuddly and you can dress them so cute!

  4. Happy Friday, Erin! Those lit'l bunnies are too precious! :) I LOVE that ecard - LOL! Hadley is such a doll!! Wishing you and your sweet family a fabulous weekend! xo

  5. those outfits are adorable!! have a great weekend :-)

  6. I see adult bunnies in my yard all the time, especially when I come home late at night, I'll see them hopping away from the lights of my car. I'll have to look for babies in that general area now. I know they have a nest somewhere in my side yard!

  7. Those baby sandals are too much! I hope the weather gets better soon!!

  8. Hadley is such a cutie! It's crazy how fast they outgrow their clothes. I'm so ready for spring....consistent spring, not just a day here or there. Have a great weekend with family!

  9. I really dig that way of spring cleaning....I think I have febreeze and I sure as heck know I have wine. Oh my can she be any cuter???? I would totally squeeze her all the time! xoxo

  10. just stopping by from the 5 on Friday link up! Great blog and hope you stop by mine too !

  11. Awww the bunnies are here just in time for Easter!

    Tattered to Taylored