Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Isn't It Funny...

Isn't it funny how quickly time slips away?  Life happens and I won't apologize for that!  I have every good intention of continuing to blog, but engaging and enjoying my daughter takes precedence these days!

So the last few months did, in fact, happen for us, and boy have they been action packed!

Let's recap:

1. I started "homeschooling Hadley": that quickly bit the dust when I....

2. Found out I was pregnant!  I was so, so tired I just couldn't continue coming up with lessons.  It took all I had to make it to nap time so I could also crawl into bed. ;)

3. I became an Aunt, David became an Uncle, and Hadley became a cousin!  David's sister had our first niece.  Growing families are so exciting!

4. We found out Hadley is going to have a BROTHER!  I just can't even describe the surprise we felt when we saw it was definitely a boy on the ultrasound.

5. We've traveled pretty much every weekend for graduations, wedding showers, and family time.  It's been so fun, but man are we tired!

6. I created a Summer Bucket List for Hadley!  It has 50 things to check off, we may not get to them all this summer, but we sure are going to try!  I want to soak up all the time I can with my only child!