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Get To Know Me Monday: Engagement

I'm doing a series of "Get to Know Me Monday" posts because I've been on and off the blog for a while.  I thought I'd take the opportunity to re-introduce myself to what few readers I do still have! ;) I've spiced it up a bit by going through the alphabet: one new letter a week.  To see weeks a-d, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

This week, I'm up to letter "E"!  "E" is for engagement! (I don't like a post without pictures, so the formal engagement photos are all from our engagement session at Clemson! Photos from our actual engagement are down below!)

 *David played soccer at Clemson, so we had to get some on Riggs field!  He surprised me (again!) with the scoreboard that had his jersey number and our wedding date on it!  We ended up using it for our Save the Date!

David and I met in college (another post for another day!) and dated for 4 years before he popped the question.  Most of those 4 years we spent together, but then he graduated and got a job, and I graduated and went back to school in a different city.  We were still close enough to visit regularly, so we did, but did the "long distance" thing for a couple years.  

*Our little family on Riggs Field-yes Marley got to be a part of the pictures!)

During one of my weekend visits in October of 2010 (Halloween weekend!), David suggested we go out to eat.  This wasn't out of the norm at all--just like most un-married, kidless couples, we had money to spend. ;)  We went to P.F. Changs, one of our favorites at the time.  He kept asking me all kinds of questions, like "what have you enjoyed most about the last 4 years together?  What have you liked least?  What's your best memory of us?"

*Death Valley, our home away from home!

A little weird, as David isn't really the sentimental type, but I didn't think anything of it.  Maybe he genuinely wanted to know and it made for some good conversation.  We finished dinner and like every good chinese restaurant, got our fortune cookies.

*two of my favorite loves: Clemson and David!

My fortune said, "Something very good will happen to you soon."  Hmm, I wonder what that could be?  Will I pass my nursing exam?  Make it to Christmas break without having a mental breakdown? ;)

*Riggs field :)

We headed home after dinner, pulled into the garage, and walked into an extremely dark house.  I mean, all the lights were off inside--it was DARK.  Except for a faint glow I could see out the back door onto the deck.  David led me to the back door and told me to close my eyes.  Of course I obeyed, although my heart was pounding!  He opened the door and....our 6 pound yorkipoo ran out!  David said, "crap!  keep your eyes closed!"  And went chasing after our dog.

Once Marley was safe inside the house, he came back and told me to open my eyes.  The momentum had been building at this point because I'd been standing there so long with my eyes closed, he was out of breath and nervous, and....he was straight up in my face.  Like I could see nothing but his face, even in my peripheral vision.  Hey babe, I love you, too, but this is kind of weird.  At that point, I knew what was happening and I couldn't focus.  He said something I couldn't understand, couldn't comprehend because, hello!  He was asking me to marry him, I think?  He said something along the lines of wanting to spend the rest of his life with me and then...he was on one knee.  He was on one knee....HE WAS ON ONE KNEE!!

And as soon as he bent down, the "faint glow" from the deck came into focus as he had carved 5 pumpkins by hand to ask me to marry him!  They were all lit up and beautiful in the dark!!

He slid the most gorgeous ring on my finger and I started crying and calling all my family and friends--who knew well ahead of time that this was going to take place. And a little less than a year later, we said "I do" and are still enjoying our lives together.

*crying and looking all ridiculous because I'm engaged!

*First picture as an engaged couple!

It was the perfect engagement, very David, very creative, very detailed.  And the fortune cookie was just an added bonus to an already perfect proposal!  Since the next day was Halloween, we set the pumpkins out on the front porch for all the trick-or-treaters to see.  All of the parents stopped by to ask what the answer was: yes, of course!

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