Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday- Love Is In The Air!

This Five on Friday is all about L.O.V.E. !!  What else could it be about on Valentine's day?!

#TeamTeddy  Please go here to learn more about Teddy and his sweet family.  One of the hardest things about my job is knowing that some innocent babies are never going to get a chance at life.  Teddy has Menkes Syndrome, which currently does not have a cure.  Please help us to raise awareness so a cure can be found and babies like sweet Teddy have a chance to experience this life! What better way to show love today than to help spread the word about this disease and work to find a cure!

Hadley has been wearing Valentine's outfits all week!  Some we put on and took right off.  (I mean, hello, who wants to wear a dress when there's a raging snowstorm outside?!)  But the last one I monogrammed and appliquéd for her!  Crafty momma right here!  And I love it paired with this incredibly cute jean skirt she received as a gift from my grandparents when they visited Canada!

Day 1

                                                                            Day 2

                                                                          Day 3

Day 4

                                                             Day 5- Valentine's Day!

I don't go crazy with Valentine's day for David.  He's a boy.  He's not that impressed with the holiday, haha!  Last year, I gave him beer.  And dressed it up like this.

 This year, since he was supposed to go to work Friday morning, I was going to make him muffins for breakfast and put them in this cute box with this cute homemade muffin card.  (I bet you couldn't tell it was homemade, ha!) luck would have it, the snow storm we got completely ruined that surprise.  However, I did make the muffins and he wasn't allowed to eat any until I presented them to him in the box. :)  Not really the surprise I was going for, but what can you do?!

I just think this is a beautiful translation of Romans 12:9-10.  It's a beautiful reminder of how we are supposed to really love each other.


These are the Valentine's Hadley "made" for our family members!  I think they turned out so darn cute!  It helps that she's pretty cute, too. (Craft found here.)

Front: hand up

 Front: hand down



  1. Hadley is too cute! Love all her outfits and you did great with her Valentine's!! Your beer idea last year cracks me up I might steal that for next year! I was a little 'sappy' this year lol Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Visiting from the link up. First of all she is sooooooo adorable!!!! Secondly, how on earth did you make those Valentine's? I can never good foot or hand prints!

  3. Love the week of Valentines' Day outfits- what a stylish little girl! :) And how fun to dress her up everyday!

  4. I gave him beer and dressed it up.....bahahahaha I love it....and it's exactly what I got Mark last year as well :-)

  5. Ahh! Erin! That beer and card is so great!! Very clever - love it!

    Happy Valentine's Day, chica!!

  6. I love both of those gift you gave your man, so creative and cute!

  7. Happy valentines day!! What a sweet post, and a sweet girl you have!! Excited to follow along with u!

  8. Blue moon genius!! So clever! I love it!!! xx

  9. What cute Valentine's outfits!! And way to go crafty momma!! Her shirt looks great! :) I love what you did for your hubby last year and this year....homemade gifts are some of my favorite!

  10. Thank you so much for joining and supporting #TeamTeddy!! Your little one is too cute! What city can I tag this picture in? Thanks! xoxo Alex