Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Day in the Life- 3 Months

Life moves so fast!  I post about the fun things we do, all the learning she is doing, but I know years from now I will be wondering how we spent a regular day.  I wish I had started this when she was a newborn, but let's face it, I was way too exhausted to be doing anything but feeding her, changing her, and sleeping!  Plus, I think that pretty much sums up our days then, anyway. :)  I'd like to do this every 3 months or so just so I can remember how we spent our days.

8:00am--Wake up and eat!  When I work, this is the time I usually get home, so I can come right in and feed her.

8:30am--After she eats, we sit and talk for a few minutes.  She's pretty talkative and smiley in the mornings, so we have some great mommy-daughter conversations. :)

9:00-9:30am--Mommy goes running and Hadley tags along in our BOB stroller.

9:30am--Hadley sits in her bouncer seat while mommy showers, gets dressed and puts on her make-up

9:45am-10:00am--Hadley plays on the floor and has tummy time.

10:00-11:00am--Hadley usually gets sleepy about this time and naps until she gets hungry (usually right around 11:00am)  While Hadley sleeps, mommy dries her hair, watches DVR'ed Live with Kelly and Michael, drinks a cup of coffee, and blogs!

11:00am--Hadley's lunch time!

11:30-12:30pm--Hadley plays more!  We usually read some books and have more tummy time.  She loves to stand so we do a lot of that.  She usually starts getting sleepy around 12:30 pm so we sit and cuddle until she falls asleep.

12:30pm--Mommy gets to eat lunch.  I try to finish my blog during this nap time as well as get some housework done. (Laundry, dishes, cleaning bottles, etc)

2:00-2:30pm--Somewhere in here, Hadley wakes up and gets a "snack".

2:30-4:00pm--You guessed it.  We play some more.  If the weather is nice, we make a pallet outside and wait for daddy to get home!

4:00pm--Daddy gets home and gets to spend some time with his girl.

5:00pm--Hadley's dinner time.  Depending on what we are having for dinner, Daddy may start cooking.  Or mommy will cook after she finishes feeding Hadley and daddy gets a little more time to play!

6:30-7:30pm--Dinner for mommy and daddy.  Sometimes Hadley naps during dinner, but usually she sits in her high chair or hoppy.

7:30pm--Bath time for Hadley!

8:00pm--We read 2 books, sing a few songs, and lay her in her crib.  (She doesn't sleep in her crib yet, but we want her to be used to it when we make the change.)  We usually get about 15 minutes before she's crying. :)  I think she is still too young to "cry it out" and she gets another feed before she goes to bed for good, so I'm okay with it for now.

10:00pm--Hadley gets a night time feed and we all hit the hay.

The days go so fast now, but I love each moment!


  1. Such a cute post! You will love reading through ones like these in a few years! Hadley is adorable!! Enjoy all the baby giggles and snuggles! :)

  2. Absolutely loving your sweet girl's expressions!! Such a cutie pie!! You're making me have baby fever, Erin.....