Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aunt Diane!

My Aunt Diane is a wonderful sister,

(My mom and Aunt Diane)

(Aunt Diane, me, and mom at the Southern Christmas show)

(Me, Aunt Diane, and mom at dinner before Jersey Boys)

She is an amazing daughter, 

(Aunt Diane, Granddad, and Amy)

(Granddad, Aunt Diane, mom, and Grandmom)

An absolutely incredible mother, 

(Amy and Aunt Diane)

(Aunt Diane and Scott)

(Amy and Aunt Diane at Amy's high school graduation.)

(Aunt Diane, Scott, Amy, and Uncle Mike at Scot's graduation from GA Tech.)

(Aunt Diane, Scott, Amy, and Uncle Mike at Scott's graduation from Duke.)

But to me, she's the best Aunt a girl could ever ask for, want, or need.

 (Putting my veil in my hair for my wedding.)

 (At Christmas)

She has been there for me from the beginning. Thick and thin. And loves me just the same.

(Uncle Mike, me, and Aunt Diane) 
 (At one of my bridal showers)

(Sledding down the golf course hills)

(Celebrating getting my braces off)

(Celebrating birthdays.)

(Me, Aunt Diane, Scott, and Uncle Mike at the fair.)

(My graduation from Clemson)

And, she brought two of my best friends into the world.

 (Amy and Scott)

Happy Birthday, Aunt Diane!  Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in everything I do.  You are the best aunt and God knew I would need you to be mine.  I love you so much!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your aunt!! What a sweet post!