Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween, Snow, and Murphy's Law

(This picture has very little relevance to this post.  It's one halloween outfit, but I thought it was too adorable that she was walking our dog.  I couldn't leave it out.)

Hadley loves "Mimi" (Minnie Mouse).  Love is an understatement.  It's probably more like, "looooooovvvvve".  

Any time Minnie's on tv- "Mimi!"
She's got 3 stuffed animal "Mimi's" that she hugs and pushes around in her stroller.
She has a spoon and fork that have Minnie Mouse on them and so basically any spoon or fork you give her she points to and says, "Mimi!"

It's so bad that when we visited the Disney Store at the mall, she went around hugging every single "Mimi" she could find!  The whole store!

So, there really wasn't any guessing what she would be for Halloween.  While she was hugging all the Minnie's at the store, I found a really cute Minnie Mouse onesie, complete with a set of headband ears.  She's only one and wouldn't really be trick-or-treating this year, so I wanted her to have a comfortable costume.  Something she could wear all day and not feel restricted.  I don't think I could have found a better outfit!

And, on top of that, she got to wear it THREE times!  We went "trick-or-treating" at an assisted living facility (probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.), she wore her outfit to Gymboree, and of course, she wore it on Halloween.

(I'm sorry, but she looks like such a BIG girl here!  When did that happen??)

For Halloween, our friends were having a bonfire and passing out candy in their neighborhood, so we went there and cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs.  It was so much fun and Hadley had a great time with her friends!  It started getting chilly, the wind was blowing the leaves off the trees- it really felt like a typical Halloween evening, something you'd see on Hocus Pocus!

(The big girls just love "Baby Hadley"...such good little mommas!)

Apparently, mother nature has a serious sense of humor, or maybe it was because there were 385 Elsa's and Anna's running around, but it snowed.   In case you didn't get that last part, I'll say it again. IT SNOWED.  On November 1st.  In the south.


I woke up and looked outside and told my husband, "I think there's snow on the ground?"  And my husband, bless his heart, said, "I'm sure that's just frost." Hahahaha.

By the time I took this picture, it had melted somewhat, but we had about 2 inches in some places.  Neighboring areas had 4 inches!

And you know if it snows, you have to turn the heat on.  Except you can't because your heat is broken.  Dang that Murphy and his stupid law.  So we spent the entire snowy weekend bundled up with hoods on and no heat; then had to spend a really large chunk of money getting a new furnace installed.  I couldn't even make lemonade with the rotten lemons life threw at us with that one!

(Also, I'm sorry for the terrible quality of these photos. I've even enlarged them so you can see just how terrible they are.  You're welcome!  I'm either a terrible mother for not documenting Hadley's life with real camera pictures or one who has limited time on her hands.  I'd like to believe the latter! Ha!)

Luckily, we got the furnace installed just in time to turn the A/C back on.  ;)  

Monday, October 27, 2014


It's that time of year.  You know, where everyone has the obligatory "Pumpkin Patch Post".  I didn't want to be left out, so here is mine!

A few weeks ago, we decided to take Hadley to Denver Downs, a really awesome farm not far from us.  David and I have gone a few times since we've been together and they have really spruced the place up!  It has changed so much since we started going there and I was thrilled to get to take Hadley!  If you ever get a chance, you really should go!  They have a cute little produce stand throughout the year, but the fall attractions are just plain amazing.  Each year the corn maze is cut into some crazy design.  This year it's the history of John Deere! 

They have a lot of fun stuff for big kids like a hay climbing wall, corn maze, in-the-ground bounce zone, hay rides, animals, slides, zip lines, and of course pumpkins.

I was really impressed that they had areas for little tykes, too.  They set up hay bales for a miniature maze and I can't describe how much fun Hadley had running through that maze.  She was in hog-heaven!  Speaking of hogs, she also really enjoyed the animals.  She got into a staring contest with a baby goat that was pretty comical for us adults.

We took a trip on the hay ride that Hadley was interested in exactly 0%.  She sat with her Daddy and ate some puffs.  The hay ride was a little long for a one year old, but still fun (for me at least, I wasn't trying to wrangle a toddler!)

They had the cutest little wagons to put pumpkins in, so when we went to pick ours out, we put Hadley and her sweet friend in and pulled them through.  I'm sure I'm biased, but they were the cutest pumpkins in the patch!

(a year ago)

I loved this time last year: home with my 2 week old, staring at her beautiful face and in such disbelief that she was actually, finally here!  But let me tell you, I have had such joy getting to make such sweet memories with her now that she's a little older and able to enjoy our outings!  I have a feeling the holidays are going to be crazy fun this year!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hadley's First Birthday

This weekend was fantastic.  The culmination of three months of planning (yes, three months!), crafting, and a week of putting it all together gave us the best birthday any one year old could dream of.

We hosted Hadley's party at our house Saturday afternoon.  Y'all, this girl is LOVED.  We had around 50 people show up--FIFTY!  To help celebrate our girl.  David and I can't even tell you what that means to us.  The theme was "shabby chic" and it was perfect.  

The mantle had our "Happy Birthday" sign as well as the shadow box I made with Hadley's outfit she came home from the hospital in.

We covered our entertainment system in burlap and hung Hadley's monthly banner across.

The table where the cake sat had the picture album of Hadley's first month of life, her "first year" calendar, and her baby book ready for people to look through. (And no, those are not baked potatoes on the counter in the back.  They are mini banana and pumpkin breads!)

I made Hadley a ribbon banner for her high chair!  This was "pre-cake".  The banner now has pink icing on it that I'm trying desperately to get out.  I guess it's a good thing she only turns one once! ;)

Somehow, I was busy enjoying the party instead of taking pictures of my girl, but Hadley's great-grandmother and Aunt Susan were taking pictures.  I'll have to snag some of those so you can see just how much she enjoyed being the center of attention!  (She's not like her mom at all...cough, cough.)  Here are just a few:

 She wasn't a fan of the cake!  If I hadn't carried her myself for 9 months (and the fact that she's basically my twin), I would think she wasn't mine! No worries, though.  She devoured a piece on Sunday after the crowd had gone.  Whew...

 This is where I wanted her to sit to open her presents.  I forgot she is one year old and has a mind of her own.  One going on fifteen.  She walked around while I opened her presents for her.  She's got the life, I tell ya.

Enjoying some puzzle fun with Uncle Scott!

Sunday was her actual birthday and we spent it at home, as a family of three.  We played with all of her new toys and even took a walk in her little red wagon.  (You've got to be kidding me...she's old enough to sit in a wagon!)  I actually went into her room at 2:02 am Sunday morning--the exact time she was born-- so I could look at her.  Every detail of her birth is etched into my memory, it feels like just yesterday.

This girl has brought such joy to our lives in just one year.  I can't imagine how much joy she will bring in the years to come!  I know God has great things planned for her and I can't wait to watch her grow!  But seriously, time can slow down just a little bit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Returned

I'm back!  I took a much needed break from blogging the last few months.  It wasn't planned, I didn't keep up with Hadley's monthly statistics (well, I did.  Just not on the blog.), and I really, really enjoyed it.  But, I've also missed documenting our little world and now felt like the right time to jump back in.  (It's literally 4 days before Hadley's birthday party and I am up to my elbows in lists...and now I decide it's the right time?!  I might need to be tested!)

The last time you saw her, she looked like this:

Now, she looks like this:

This girl has done some growing!  She is smart as a whip, too.  I mean, she says "ba" for ball.  I'm pretty sure that's genius status right there.

I'm not promising to update my blog everyday.  I'm hopeful it will get updated once a week right now!  We've got more going on now that she's a bit older and isn't just laying on the floor, which should make for more interesting reads than, "Here is Hadley laying on the floor...almost rolling over!  Here's another picture of Hadley, this time she's facing the other way!"

(Although, I so miss those days!  Wasn't it just yesterday that she was born?  Someone asked me the other day if I was excited about her upcoming birthday party.  I said on one hand, YES!! Absolutely! Any chance to celebrate my girl!  On the other hand, my heart is just breaking because...wasn't it just yesterday that she was born????!)

I hope you'll still join me and I'm looking forward to catching up on what I've missed while I've been away!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hadley- 7 Months


You are 7 months old today!  We have less than half a year until your first birthday.  Are you kidding me?!

You are officially a mover!  You are crawling all over the place, usually with the strength of your arms and pushing with your feet.  You are starting to get your knees under you and you rock back and forth, but then resort back to what you know gets you places.  I don't know why I'm so surprised with how fast you move, but I am.  You are still such a happy girl and are so inquisitive.  You want to see what everyone is doing all the time.  And you seem to learn something new everyday.

This month:
  • You weigh 15 pounds 9.6 ounces and are 26 inches long.
  • You wear a size 3 diaper.  
  • You wear mostly 6 month outfits.  Very few 3-6 month outfits and very few 9 month outfits.
  • We still work on sign language.  If we say "milk" and do the sign language for "milk", you smile and get all giggly.  And if you don't get it fast enough, you start fake crying.  Hysterical.
  • You go to bed about 8 and are still waking up about 30 minutes later.  I'm trying to figure out what's happening, but I just don't know.  You nurse and go right back to bed.  You wake up around 5 or 6 am for a feed and then go right back to bed until 7:30-8am.
  • You are still nursing every 3-4 hours.
  • You get two "meals" a day.  This month, you've tried pears, apples, plums, broccoli, squash, and zucchini.
  • We still give you one bottle a day and you still take about 6 ounces.  You also get 2 ounces of either pear juice or apple-prune juice to help keep things regular. :)
  • You have 2 teeth!  Your two bottom central incisors are coming in.
  • You babble all the time.  You love to talk. 

  • You love bath time!  You started trying to climb out of your baby tub, so we now have baths in the big bathtub like a big girl!  You love to splash!
  • You like for Mommy to read books.  Your favorites are Oh The Thinks You Can Think, Baby Babble, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • You are discovering body parts.  You love to play with Mommy's nose, mouth, and long hair.  You love to play with your ears, and you love to play with what little hair you have on your head!
  • You love to chew on everything.  Sophie is still a favorite, as are the feet/hand chewies we keep in the fridge.
  • You love to "dance" and stomp your feet.  It is so cute!
  • You love to play with the tv remote and our cell phones.
  • You love apples, sweet potatoes, and pears.
  • Mommy.  All the time, it's Mommy you choose.  I love it.

  • Pooping.  You get really cranky until your business is done.  Then you are happy as a lark.  It's pretty funny!
  • Teething.  Those things hurt sometimes!
  • Sitting in your carseat!  You don't like being strapped down.
  • Broccoli and zucchini.  We have to hide it in other foods in small amounts, haha!
  • Getting dressed.  I think you would wear your birthday suit all day, everyday if you could.

I can't believe I have less than half a year until you turn one.  It's a complete blur, and I'm trying to soak up every minute!  Your smile is contagious.  I love seeing your personality come to life.  I love you, sweet girl!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

I became a Mommy 6 1/2 months ago.  Since then....

-I have been spit up on countless times.

-I have had throw up down my shirt more times than I like to remember.

-I have worn shoes that have been peed on.

-There are plenty of days I haven't showered, put make-up on, or done my hair. (Sorry, David....)

-I have cleaned poop off my own hands, off my daughter's hands, and out of so many outfits.

-I have examined poop way too closely multiple times.

-Some days I haven't eaten breakfast and don't eat dinner until 9pm.

-I've called the doctor so many times I know the number by heart.

-I haven't had a full night's sleep in a loooooong time.

-My house is never clean.

-I hardly get anywhere on time these days.

-I've wiped boogers away with just my fingers...onto my jeans.

-I've licked paci's that have fallen on public floors.

-I've learned to cook dinner with one hand.

-I have cried tears of stress, sadness, and anxiety about failing as a mother.

-I've also bathed my baby most nights of her entire 6 months of life.

-Watched her smile for the first time, grab a toy for the first time, laugh for the first time, sit for the first time, and crawl for the first time...amid many, many other firsts.

-I've cheered her on when she's concentrated hard on learning a new task.

-I've been the main source of nourishment for her so far.

-I've rocked her, held her, and comforted her in the dead of night when everyone else is asleep.

-I've kissed her multiple times a day, everyday.

-I've been the recipient of the sweetest, slobbery tongue kisses in the world.

-I've been the kisser of boo-boos.

-I've been the hugger of hurts.

-I've been the comforter when she's shy.

-I've been the source of her laughter; there isn't anything I wouldn't do to hear that baby scream with delight.

-My heart has soared with pride when she says, "mamama", "nanana", and "dadada".

-I have cried tears of joy, laughter, and love about becoming "Mommy" to the most wonderful gift I've been given.

Hadley Catherine, thank you for making me a Mommy.  Thank you for letting me share in your fears, your triumphs, and your budding personality.  I can't imagine being Mommy to anyone else.  I so enjoy watching you grow, learn, and develop.  You are the light in my life, and my goodness do you shine brightly!  Celebrating my first Mother's Day is so sweet because of you.   

*Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  I hope I can be half the mom to Hadley as you have been to me.  I know if I can do that, I'll be successful because everything I've learned about being a mommy is because of you.  I love you!