Monday, October 20, 2014

Hadley's First Birthday

This weekend was fantastic.  The culmination of three months of planning (yes, three months!), crafting, and a week of putting it all together gave us the best birthday any one year old could dream of.

We hosted Hadley's party at our house Saturday afternoon.  Y'all, this girl is LOVED.  We had around 50 people show up--FIFTY!  To help celebrate our girl.  David and I can't even tell you what that means to us.  The theme was "shabby chic" and it was perfect.  

The mantle had our "Happy Birthday" sign as well as the shadow box I made with Hadley's outfit she came home from the hospital in.

We covered our entertainment system in burlap and hung Hadley's monthly banner across.

The table where the cake sat had the picture album of Hadley's first month of life, her "first year" calendar, and her baby book ready for people to look through. (And no, those are not baked potatoes on the counter in the back.  They are mini banana and pumpkin breads!)

I made Hadley a ribbon banner for her high chair!  This was "pre-cake".  The banner now has pink icing on it that I'm trying desperately to get out.  I guess it's a good thing she only turns one once! ;)

Somehow, I was busy enjoying the party instead of taking pictures of my girl, but Hadley's great-grandmother and Aunt Susan were taking pictures.  I'll have to snag some of those so you can see just how much she enjoyed being the center of attention!  (She's not like her mom at all...cough, cough.)  Here are just a few:

 She wasn't a fan of the cake!  If I hadn't carried her myself for 9 months (and the fact that she's basically my twin), I would think she wasn't mine! No worries, though.  She devoured a piece on Sunday after the crowd had gone.  Whew...

 This is where I wanted her to sit to open her presents.  I forgot she is one year old and has a mind of her own.  One going on fifteen.  She walked around while I opened her presents for her.  She's got the life, I tell ya.

Enjoying some puzzle fun with Uncle Scott!

Sunday was her actual birthday and we spent it at home, as a family of three.  We played with all of her new toys and even took a walk in her little red wagon.  (You've got to be kidding me...she's old enough to sit in a wagon!)  I actually went into her room at 2:02 am Sunday morning--the exact time she was born-- so I could look at her.  Every detail of her birth is etched into my memory, it feels like just yesterday.

This girl has brought such joy to our lives in just one year.  I can't imagine how much joy she will bring in the years to come!  I know God has great things planned for her and I can't wait to watch her grow!  But seriously, time can slow down just a little bit.


  1. love that you went into her room at her birth time! That is super sweet. And, what a sweetly detailed party! Turned out beautifully.

  2. Just found your blog through another blog, and I just had to pop over here because my daughter's name is Hadley too! I haven't met too many other Hadleys, so I was tickled when I saw your comment with your daughter's name. :) Our girls are also close in age. Mine was born 11/17/14, and her first birthday party is next weekend. So fun. Isn't being a mom the best?! - Erica @ Whimsical September