Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Returned

I'm back!  I took a much needed break from blogging the last few months.  It wasn't planned, I didn't keep up with Hadley's monthly statistics (well, I did.  Just not on the blog.), and I really, really enjoyed it.  But, I've also missed documenting our little world and now felt like the right time to jump back in.  (It's literally 4 days before Hadley's birthday party and I am up to my elbows in lists...and now I decide it's the right time?!  I might need to be tested!)

The last time you saw her, she looked like this:

Now, she looks like this:

This girl has done some growing!  She is smart as a whip, too.  I mean, she says "ba" for ball.  I'm pretty sure that's genius status right there.

I'm not promising to update my blog everyday.  I'm hopeful it will get updated once a week right now!  We've got more going on now that she's a bit older and isn't just laying on the floor, which should make for more interesting reads than, "Here is Hadley laying on the floor...almost rolling over!  Here's another picture of Hadley, this time she's facing the other way!"

(Although, I so miss those days!  Wasn't it just yesterday that she was born?  Someone asked me the other day if I was excited about her upcoming birthday party.  I said on one hand, YES!! Absolutely! Any chance to celebrate my girl!  On the other hand, my heart is just breaking because...wasn't it just yesterday that she was born????!)

I hope you'll still join me and I'm looking forward to catching up on what I've missed while I've been away!

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  1. Such a sweet return post :) :) and for the record, I always enjoyed the pictures of her rolling around on the floor!! ;)