Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween, Snow, and Murphy's Law

(This picture has very little relevance to this post.  It's one halloween outfit, but I thought it was too adorable that she was walking our dog.  I couldn't leave it out.)

Hadley loves "Mimi" (Minnie Mouse).  Love is an understatement.  It's probably more like, "looooooovvvvve".  

Any time Minnie's on tv- "Mimi!"
She's got 3 stuffed animal "Mimi's" that she hugs and pushes around in her stroller.
She has a spoon and fork that have Minnie Mouse on them and so basically any spoon or fork you give her she points to and says, "Mimi!"

It's so bad that when we visited the Disney Store at the mall, she went around hugging every single "Mimi" she could find!  The whole store!

So, there really wasn't any guessing what she would be for Halloween.  While she was hugging all the Minnie's at the store, I found a really cute Minnie Mouse onesie, complete with a set of headband ears.  She's only one and wouldn't really be trick-or-treating this year, so I wanted her to have a comfortable costume.  Something she could wear all day and not feel restricted.  I don't think I could have found a better outfit!

And, on top of that, she got to wear it THREE times!  We went "trick-or-treating" at an assisted living facility (probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.), she wore her outfit to Gymboree, and of course, she wore it on Halloween.

(I'm sorry, but she looks like such a BIG girl here!  When did that happen??)

For Halloween, our friends were having a bonfire and passing out candy in their neighborhood, so we went there and cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs.  It was so much fun and Hadley had a great time with her friends!  It started getting chilly, the wind was blowing the leaves off the trees- it really felt like a typical Halloween evening, something you'd see on Hocus Pocus!

(The big girls just love "Baby Hadley"...such good little mommas!)

Apparently, mother nature has a serious sense of humor, or maybe it was because there were 385 Elsa's and Anna's running around, but it snowed.   In case you didn't get that last part, I'll say it again. IT SNOWED.  On November 1st.  In the south.


I woke up and looked outside and told my husband, "I think there's snow on the ground?"  And my husband, bless his heart, said, "I'm sure that's just frost." Hahahaha.

By the time I took this picture, it had melted somewhat, but we had about 2 inches in some places.  Neighboring areas had 4 inches!

And you know if it snows, you have to turn the heat on.  Except you can't because your heat is broken.  Dang that Murphy and his stupid law.  So we spent the entire snowy weekend bundled up with hoods on and no heat; then had to spend a really large chunk of money getting a new furnace installed.  I couldn't even make lemonade with the rotten lemons life threw at us with that one!

(Also, I'm sorry for the terrible quality of these photos. I've even enlarged them so you can see just how terrible they are.  You're welcome!  I'm either a terrible mother for not documenting Hadley's life with real camera pictures or one who has limited time on her hands.  I'd like to believe the latter! Ha!)

Luckily, we got the furnace installed just in time to turn the A/C back on.  ;)