Monday, August 17, 2015

Get to Know Me Mondays- The Letter "D"

Today's "get to know me" post is all about my dislikes!  Also, my pictures have nothing to do with my dislikes..because why would I want to look at pictures of things I don't like?!

1. Mushrooms/grits/seafood: I refuse to eat anything that shares a name with something that can grow on your foot. (Fungus.) Ha!  Grits are too textured for me, just thinking about it makes me want to gag!  And seafood is too slimy or fishy-tasting!  I will eat popcorn shrimp (and hushpuppies!) and some types of salmon/tilapia depending on how they are cooked.

2. Cleaning toilets: Of all the household chores I would love to pass off (and I will when my kids are old enough!!), cleaning toilets takes the cake.  I hate having to scrub the grime off toilets, knowing exactly why what's growing there is, indeed, growing.  Why aren't the brush handles longer?!  I can't stand to be that close to it.  And for some reason, boys can't ever seem to keep it all the way in the toilet, so there's always dried droplets on the sides when you lift the seat up!  I know that's all very vivid, but I need you to feel my loathing of toilet cleaning!

3. Touching raw meat: I guess I can rule out being a chef?  Touching raw meat drives me insane.  If I have to touch it, I'll do what needs to be done, wash my hands really well, and then get the clorox wipes out and wipe down the whole kitchen.  I ended up with salmonella poisoning in the hospital the night before my nursing licensure exam an I haven't forgotten!

4. Lying:  I don't like when people lie to me.  It's frustrating that you don't respect me enough to just be honest!  And people who lie seem to continue lying to cover up their other lies.  It gets a bit ridiculous in the end.  And so not worth my time.

5. Extremely hot weather: Don't get me wrong, I love summer.  I love the activities summer brings, but summer in the south is just too much!  100 degree, humid days is way too hot for my liking.  Give me a breezy 80 in Hawaii and I'm a happy camper.  Better yet, fall is really nice, too.  Pumpkins, spices, apple-picking, and pretty color changing leaves...and of course warm coffee!

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