Monday, February 6, 2012

If My Phone Threw Up On My Blog....

...this is what you would see :)

 *Someone peeking around the computer screen...*

 *A very stoic kitty cat.

*A little camwow fun...Michelle turned me on to this!

Some yummy Starbucks oatmeal and coffee...

And of course, some HP to go with the coffee :)

I love having a phone to document life with.  Sometimes a picture opportunity pops up and I don't have a camera handy!  So my phone has become quite the little sidekick these days.  And just like I want to remember all the times I have my real camera with me, I want to document the pictures I have on my phone, too.  So this is just what my life has consisted of in the last week. :)  What do you have on your phone?


  1. Mine is the same way! I love having a phone that goes with me everywhere so that I can document my life! My phone is mainly pictures of my child and food. What does that say about me? haha : )

  2. I've given you an award! Check it out on my blog at

  3. Hahahah that CamWow pic is hilarious!! Love it :)