Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Lesson on Sharing

Well, I had a nice little post planned for Monday about all the fun we had this weekend. (A dinner out!  Just the two of us!  A birthday party and get-together with friends!  Breakfast with Grammy!)

(Before we went out to dinner!)

Hadley came down with a short-lived stomach bug Saturday night, small fever...I didn't think much of it.  After all, she was acting pretty normal.  Maybe a little fussier than normal and wanted to be held, but still playful, still eating.  And completely back to normal Sunday!

(Such a happy girl!)

I went to work Sunday night and felt great--until about 2:00 am.  And it quickly went downhill from there.  I left work early and David stayed home from work Monday to watch Hadley while I slept and tried to feel better.

(Brother watching over his sister!)

I'm glad to report that I'm feeling better today!  I'm going to take another day to rest, but thankfully I think this was just a 24 hour bug.  And so far, David is feeling great.

I'm so glad Hadley is learning (early) how to share!  But....we did sit down and talk about how it's okay to keep your germs to yourself! ;)


I'll be back tomorrow with Hadley's 4 month post.  How is she already for months old???!!


  1. Hadley is TOO sweet... That picture of her face on her side is absolutely adorable!! So happy :)

    And I'm so happy y'all are feeling better!!

  2. Oh I love that print so sweet! I'm glad you are feeling better :-)