Thursday, February 19, 2015

Homeschooling Hadley

I finished up in the NICU last Wednesday and because my new job requirements are some Saturdays and some evenings, I am going to have a lot of time to devote to my baby girl!  I am so excited about this, as I felt pretty guilty recently for having to nap and being exhausted the days after I worked the previous night.  I know Hadley got far too much time in front of the television, but some days that's all I could do to survive.  But, that's no longer an issue!

Hadley is so smart and is picking new things up everyday.  I love watching the wheels turn in her head!  She's not in preschool and I'm the only form of entertainment she gets right now, so I thought it would be neat to start "homeschooling" her!  I do not plan to homeschool her in the long run, but  I do want her to learn things while she is home with me.  So, each week I am going to cover one topic with her, read some books, do some crafts, etc.  I'm really excited about it!

**Disclaimer: Hadley is 16 months old and the best way she learns right now is through free play.  Because of this, I've limited the "lesson" to be done within an hour each day, usually less.  Each piece of the lesson takes no more than 5 minutes (usually) and if we are doing something she doesn't want to do, we don't do it!  I'm not forcing her to participate in any activities she doesn't want to!  I want to cultivate an appreciation for learning in her and I want her to have fun!

If you want to keep up with our lessons, I'll be posting weekly as well as putting pictures on instagram under the hashtag #homeschoolinghadley

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  1. I just started this too ("tot school", as some say)! We're doing a bunch of snowman-themed activities this week and have requested several books from the library to read. Can't wait to see what you planned for Hadley! :)