Friday, February 27, 2015

Homeschooling Hadley: Sick Week

Well, this week was supposed to be week 2 of homeschooling Hadley, but Sunday evening she came down with a pretty high fever.  Monday morning she seemed to feel pretty good, so we did lesson one, but it was clear by the afternoon that she was not feeling her best.

Tuesday morning her fever way still up (102.7!!) and she was not her playful self.  I piled her in the car and took her to the doctor--in the middle of a snow storm.  We sat at the doctor for 2 1/2 hours...with all the other sick children in our town!

Her fever was so high I was worried about the flu or a UTI.  The UTI would have been bad news if you remember this post.  I was just praying we weren't going to head down that road again!

The flu test was negative, ears/throat looked great, and her WBC count was normal, so we were pretty sure it was just viral.  If her fever was still high Thursday, I was going to have to bring her back Friday morning to test for UTI.  My grandparents came down Tuesday to see Hadley and they loved it because she was such a cuddle bug.  My grandmother made dinner for us which was such a help--and delicious as always!

Thankfully, her fever broke Wednesday.  She started acting like my sweet, funny girl again and by Thursday she was back to her typical crazy self!

It sure made my momma heart happy to see her smile again!  So, I didn't push any lessons this week and we just cuddled and when she felt better, we made up for all the play time she missed while she was sick.

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  1. So glad your lit'l sweetie pie is feeling better now!! Enjoy your weekend :)