Saturday, February 21, 2015

Homeschooling Hadley: Dogs

Hadley loves dogs.  Like looooovvves them.  So I thought it was fitting that this week, we learned all about dogs!

Monday: Monday was introduction day.  I wrote the word "dog" on Hadley's chalkboard easel and drew a picture of a dog.  (The drawing is terrible, but Hadley walked right up to it and said, "dog!" so it must have been good enough for her to know it was a picture of a dog!)

We went over our bible verse for the week: "Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds." Proverbs 27:23.  I know she won't be able to memorize bible verses at all, but I want to start incorporating them so they will always be a part of her routine.

We also read the book DOG by Matthew Van Fleet.  Hadley loves this book!  There are fuzzy parts for her to touch and some of the dogs have moveable parts!  It's a pretty great book!  We also talked about the sounds that dogs make. We chose to go with "bark, bark" :)

Hadley had fun playing with her toys in between each part of the lesson, so all in all, today took about 20 minutes!  Hadley also enjoyed pointing out other dogs in books we read later during the day.  So much fun!

Tuesday:  Hadley found out the hard way today that if you're home-schooled...there are no snow days!  We are iced in with the rest of the south, but still managed to get our "lesson" in.  Hadley learned about the parts of a dog with this great page from Rocket's Mighty Words.

She also got to point out different body parts on her own dog, Marley--who was less than thrilled to be involved in the lesson.  We read the book "Doggies" by Sandra Boynton and we played by walking (and barking!) on four paws like dogs do!

Wednesday: Wednesday's lesson had to wait until it warmed up a bit outside! (Warmed up to a hot 34 degrees!) Because it was all about how dogs get exercise.  Tuesday we "walked on paws" like dogs do, but we were actually supposed to walk Marley this day...outside...after an ice storm.  *Good planning, Mom.*  We went over our bible verse and read "Spot's First Walk" by Eric Hill.  Hadley loves flap books, so she was pretty entertained.  Both Marley and Hadley enjoyed being outside in the freezing cold, I however, didn't!  It actually started snowing while we were out there.  But we weren't going to let that ruin our lesson!

Thursday:  Hadley has some stuffed animal dogs, so we lined up all our dogs up and talked about how they all have the same parts, but they look different!  Some are big, some are small...some are furry. ;)

We read the book Where's Spot? by Eric Hill--another flap book.  And we colored a picture of a dog!  Hadley loved coloring!  She has fat crayons and we used colored pencils, too.  She spent about 20 minutes coloring!

Friday: We finished week 1 of #homeschoolinghadley !! We read "Go, Dog, Go" by P.D. Eastman.  Even though the words are short, there are lots of pages and Hadley couldn't sit still for the whole thing.  So we went through and picked out different dogs and whatever else she wanted to pick out.  (Like the moon and a boat.)

We went over our bible verse and got to watch a youtube video!  I found this 3 minute video on youtube about babies and dogs "talking" to each other.  Hadley loved it because she loves babies and the dogs were making all kinds of sounds.

We finished up by playing with her "dog" Spot, picking out body parts and giving him treats.

Such a fun week!

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