Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hadley 3 Months


   You are 3 months old today!  You are the most precious thing in the world.  You are such a happy girl!  The only time you really cry is when you are hungry or bored.  And you give the biggest, happiest smiles that just melt your mommy's heart.

-You weigh 11 lbs. 10 oz.
- You are 22 inches long (based on mommy's didn't have a wellness check up this month!)
-You are still in size 1 diapers (although you sure can blow those babies out!  I am becoming a pro at getting poop out of your outfits!  We go through at least one outfit change a day, if not more!  And you get sooo proud of yourself!)
-You wear mostly 3 month outfits, but your 0-3 month outfits still fit, so you wear those on occasion.  You are just getting so big!
- You smile all the time now!  The big, toothless grins are the absolute best.  You haven't started giggling yet, but I know I will just die when you do!
-You are also becoming a talker!  You are trying to copy certain sounds, mostly "Ooooh".  It's so fun to watch you learn!
-You discovered your hands!  If your paci isn't in your mouth, one of your hands is.

- You grabbed a toy for the first time the other day!  You have a little pink ball that you love.  You were in your high chair, it was right in front of you, and you reached for it and just picked it up!  (Now you like to practice taking your paci out of your mouth and put it back in!)
- You still haven't rolled over yet, but you are getting so close!
- You sleep 5-6 hours at night and still take multiple naps during the day, usually about an hour- an hour and a half with one long nap (about 3 hours) in afternoon.
-You had your first illness (UTI), first antibiotic, and first yeast rash on your bottom.
-You nurse during the day and take one bottle for your "middle of the night" feeding.  You've been taking right at 4 oz. but you took 5 oz. for the first time last night!
-You are still on zantac for your reflux.
-We are working on "un-swaddling" you at night.
-You sleep about 6-7 hours at night now.  You were sleeping from 11-5, but you have decided 10-4 sounds better, so that's where we are now.  6 hours isn't too shabby!

- Being naked!  A naked baby is a happy baby in your book!
- Bath time.  You have started kicking and flapping your arms in the bath and creating big splashes.  You think it is the coolest thing.
- Your pink ball and toys that make music.  We have started helping you push buttons on your toys that make music and you try so hard to do it by yourself!
-Standing up with help.  Sitting down is for the birds!
-TV.  You are only 3 months old and I'm already having to regulate your tv habit. ;)
-Your wubbanub.  You love to hold it.

-Being hungry.  If you don't get fed the minute you decide you're ready to eat, you scream like your fat rolls are starving.
-Tummy time, although this is getting better.
-Being still.  Sometimes you just want to be walked around and talked to.

There really isn't much you don't like right now, which I am thankful for.  You change everyday and I always look forward to seeing your smiling face in the mornings.  I can't believe you are 3 months old.  Wasn't I just finding out I was going to have you?  In my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined how much you would change my life.  I love you, sweet girl!

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