Monday, January 13, 2014

Back to the Grind

Tomorrow night,  I go back to work.  For the last 11 1/2 months, I have been with this baby every. single. night.  (Yes, I'm including my time when she was in my belly.  At that point, I could still take her to work with me, haha!)

I'm only working for an 8 hour shift, but I know it's going to be the longest 8 hours of my life.  I know she will be in good hands, but they won't be mine.  I'm very thankful for a wonderful husband who is giving me the opportunity to go PRN instead of staying full-time.  I will get to spend more time raising my girl and less time away from her.  I'm also thankful for a job I love to do and great friends to work alongside.

I know I'll survive (just call me Drama Queen!) but I can't wait to get home Wednesday morning and see this smiling face! :)

In other news, Hadley's U/S and VCUG have been scheduled for next Thursday (Jan. 23).  I'm trying not to worry about it.  What will be, will be, but it's hard to just let go.  I want to control everything and the fact that I can't control this of all things, is driving me crazy.

It's a quick post today, Hadley and I are off to Target to pick up a prescription for her bottom....due to her other prescription.  Ahh, girl can't catch a break! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Such sweet pictures - you will do great at work!! I can't imagine how you feel... I don't even like to leave my doggie when I go to work!!

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes :)


  2. I'm sure it will be hard to go back to work, but think about the great reception you'll get when you come home! I'm sure Hadley will be so happy to see you.

  3. So sweet! Good luck going back to work! :)