Monday, November 28, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving

My job is an important one.  So important, in fact, that we don't get holidays off.  So my actual Thanksgiving Day was spent working.  I understand, we can't leave the babies unattended. :)  But I still missed my family's Thanksgiving get-together.  I was completely jealous of everyone getting holiday time and time with family! :)

(Macy enjoyed getting to come visit!)

When I first found out I would be working Thanksgiving, David thought it would be nice to have our own Thanksgiving a few days later.  I jumped on the idea because, hello, who would turn down Thanksgiving dinner?!

(My Thanksgiving table setting!)

So we invited my mom and David's parents to come up the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

(My perfect pie crust!!)

So, for our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, David and I cooked for our families!  I worked Thursday and Friday so I got home around 8 am Friday morning, slept for about 2 hours and then was up and cooking.  (Well, I started cooking after 2 rounds of coffee ;) )

(This is the absolute cutest face I have ever seen.)

(Pretty girl...she wasn't very sure about all the excitement.)

I have to say, it was so much fun getting things ready for people to come visit us in our home!  We made cherry salad,  pumpkin pie, pecan pie, turkey, balsamic green beans, homemade rolls, and sweet potatoes with roasted marshmellows on top.  David's parents brought stuffing and mac n' cheese.

(Our spread!)

  We had quite the spread for 5 people!  And every bit of it was delicious.

(First look, okay this isn't so bad...)

( IS that bad!)

David and I enjoyed having guests in our home and are very thankful for our families.  It was especially sweet for me since I missed out on my traditional Thanksgiving.  But new beginnings call for new traditions and I think we have started a wonderful one!  I hope everyone had happy holiday and now...time for Christmas!


  1. And it was a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Thank you for having us. It couldn't have been any better.!

  2. I think that having no holidays that are guaranteed off is one of the hardest things about a nurses schedule. But it sounds like y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving anyway. And I can't believe you braved a turkey. That's awesome! I've yet to ever make one! : )