Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Honeymoon: Day 1

(I haven't figured out if I want to do a honeymoon post for each day or not.  I don't want to forget the details  of my honeymoon so I may...or I may just hit the highlights :)  But for now, here is how we spent the first day of our honeymoon!)

We left for our honeymoon on September 26th from Charlotte at 9:00am and made a pitstop in Dallas.  Our layover was about an hour and a half so we grabbed lunch at Au Bon Pain.  (Just a side note- have you ever been in the DFW airport??  That thing is HUGE and they have multiple restaurants and fashionable stores in every concourse!  It was just nuts.)

It took us about 12 hours total to reach Honolulu and by the time we landed, it was already 10:00pm back home.  We got "lei'ed" once we got off the plane and the weather was just beautiful.  It was 4:00pm Hawaiian time and about 85 degrees.


We grabbed our rental car and headed to our hotel.  Honolulu is incredible.  It's a city with a beach.  There was non-stop traffic at all hours, yet there were always hundreds of people on the beach!  When we got to our hotel, we weren't able to check in right away because our room wasn't ready so we went to the hotel bar to grab a drink and officially start our honeymoon!  We decided to go ahead and have dinner at Shor,  one of the hotel's restaurants.  We were so exhausted at this point we could hardly keep our eyes open, but dinner was absolutely delicious!  We had a lot of fun reminiscing about the wedding. :)


After dinner, we went back to the concierge only to be told our room still wasn't ready.  What the heck?!  We couldn't believe it.  It had been a busy few days for us, plus a long day of traveling and all we wanted to do was go to bed!  By the time we got into our room, it was 9:30pm and 3:30AM our time!  But half of our hotel fees for the week had already been paid for :)  The hotel was amazing and comped us for having to wait so long on our honeymoon!

Our room was nice, but our view was incredible.  Every morning around 6:00am the surfers would show up to "hang loose" and catch some waves.  David and I enjoyed sitting out on our balcony in the early morning hours and watching them.

We found a spot right across the street from our hotel that had a breakfront with minimal sea life (I'm all for that!) and tiny waves.  It was almost like a wading pool.  This is where we spent our afternoons once we finished our daily excursion.  David would sleep and I would people watch.  We had so much fun in our little spot.

Our day of travel was fun; it was the first time David and I had vacationed anywhere by ourselves and we loved the company. :)  It was, for the most part, uneventful and we have a fun little story to tell about our room.  But we couldn't wait to start the rest of our honeymoon and do all of the things we had planned!

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  1. How fun! I went to Hawaii about 5 years ago. It was not quite as far from Arizona as it is from NC! Mike really wants to go again so hopefully I will get back some day.

    Can't wait to see more pictures!!!