Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Today is my cousin Scott's 24th birthday!
Scott and I are only 8 months and 8 days apart and have always been close.

(That's me as a baby...but Scott is in this picture, too! ;)  )

And as we've gotten older, we've just gotten closer.  :)  He's technically my cousin, but feels more like a brother to me. 

We used to do everything together.  We have celebrated every holiday together, 
...Many Easters...

...Many Christmases...

Taken many trips... the fair... New York City...

...and many trips skiing in Colorado.

We spent countless hours coming up with new things to play...
...reading on Christmas Eve...

...and making up lots of games in my play house.

And when Amy came along, she got to play, too!  
(Although she'll tell you we never let her be "the person."  :) )

We played outside....
in the yard...the good ole' days :)  Kids don't play outside anymore...

...and were lucky enough to have a pool to play in, too :)

Then we graduated and went to college and weren't able to hang out as much anymore.

(Scott's high school graduation)

So instead, we met up halfway for birthdays!

        My 20th birthday...

        ...and Scott's 20th birthday!  And many birthdays and college times in between.

Including my wedding :)

Marley loves his "Uncle Scott" too. 

 We think the feeling is mutual :)

And now, two of my favorite guys in the world get along :) 
  Including being almost a quarter of a century old and still making up games to play in the pool with really cool goggles ;)

 When I turned 24, Scott started kidding me about being an "adult" because I have a job and I'm 24...apparently "that's old."  Scott is now 24 and has a job, his own apartment, bills,e, Scott, welcome to the club, you old fart! ;) Even though we are "growing up" and have our own lives we are beginning, I hope we can always meet up to enjoy birthdays!  Happy Birthday and I love you so much! 

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  1. Aww what a sweet post!! Such great pics and memories :)