Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Again, Home Again...

This past weekend, David and I went home to help my mom celebrate her birthday!  (Marley came too, of course!).  Amy just started her SENIOR YEAR at UNC (how in the world did that happen?!) and Scott was busy being daddy to our newest family member!  Meet Zoe!

I just love her rolls!

Zoe is a rhodesian ridgeback and is going to weigh (I think) about 100 lbs.  She's only 8 weeks old and already weighs 16.5 lbs!  Marley and Zoe have yet to meet, but I think it might be a showdown when they do! ;)

So David and I were the only grandkids around and we missed the ones that weren't there.  But we loved the food.  My mom always likes to have vegetables for her birthday and since she was born in August, it's the perfect time!  And of course we had cake and homemade ice cream.  :)

David and I had a little surprise, too!  We had an anniversary gift from my grandmother's cousin.

(yes, that is a cookie from our wedding!  No, we didn't eat it haha!)

 We like to really celebrate in our family, so starting our anniversary month a little early was totally fine with us!  :)

We got two gorgeous crystal champagne flutes--thank you so much, Melissa!  I believe Melissa collects crystal and this is from her collection.  David and I are so lucky to have such wonderful family members.

My grandparents had champagne ready for a nice toast!

I sure do love my husband.  We had so much fun celebrating my mom's birthday!

And of course, we can't forget sweet Marley boy- who needs a haircut!

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  1. Okay I need I steal that dog now... Thank you very