Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time for Football!

It's almost time for football!  College football, that is.  I'm not much of a professional football kinda' girl, but I do enjoy watching a good college game.  I'm very excited for Clemson's football season this year! We have season tickets this year and because I'm not working Friday's or Saturday's anymore, I will actually get to go to the games!

So in the spirit of Clemson (and Pinterest...), and since my front door has been bare since the winter season, I decided to make a Clemson ribbon wreath!

First, I gathered all my supplies:

I used a 10" styrafoam wreath from Hobby Lobby, push pins, a ruler, scissors, and of course, ribbon!  I bought my ribbon at Wilson's (cheap, cheap ribbon!) and used about 5 or 6 different kinds.  I ended up getting 4 yards of each ribbon.

I used just a plain, satin ribbon to make my hanger.  I tied both ends around the styrafoam wreath and tied it into knots.  I left the ends a little long so the knots wouldn't come out, but if they were too long I had the option of cutting them.

Then I cut my ribbons into 4 1/2 in. pieces (roughly).

I took each piece of ribbon and made a loop, overlapping the ends about 1/4 in. and used the push pin to hold it in place.

Then I started putting the ribbons on the wreath, using the push pins!

I continued until I was satisfied. Then I hung it on my front door so the neighborhood can see who we'll be rooting for this year! :)

Some things I would do differently next time:
I liked this project, it was fairly cheap and pretty easy.  But if/when I attempt to do this next time, I'll do some things differently.
1. If I use a 10" wreath, I'll probably only get 3 yards of each ribbon.  I had too much left over with 4!
2. I'll experiment with making the loops smaller just to see what happens (if it looks neater, haha!)
3. I started with just one type of ribbon first, but then needed other ribbons to start filling with, so I stopped and cut the rest of my ribbon up.  Next time, I'll cut and pin all of the ribbon first so I can pin different ribbons from the beginning.

Go Tigers! :)

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