Monday, April 14, 2014

Photo Dump!

Last week was full of lots of fun activities!  And this week is shaping up to be the same because my mom is in town for her spring break.  Hadley is going to be spoiled all week.

Last week, my grandparents stopped by on their way home from the Braves opener to treat us to lunch and give Hadley her Easter basket.  Hadley is such a big girl.  She was able to open her basket all by herself!  She got an Easter book and a few bath toys.   But her favorite toy was the tissue paper inside.  She had a ball with that stuff! :)

One of my work friends got married this weekend and we had a great time!  I work with a great groups of women and we are all so happy for the bride and groom.  Both of them also attended Clemson, so they had  the tiger in attendance!  I so wanted a picture of Hadley with the tiger because both of her parents bleed orange.  Y'all, she was a CHAMP.  She went right to him and was so enamored!  I was beside myself, haha!

It's finally been warm enough to actually do stuff outside, so we've spent some time on our deck!  I just love seeing her little head in a sunhat.

Sunday morning we met my best friend and her husband for brunch downtown.  They moved to Nashville so he could attend grad school.  They are moving back in May(!!) and I am so excited.  I miss having her here!

In other news, I finally go around to making some food for Hadley.  So far she's tried baby oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and avocado.  She likes the oatmeal, loves sweet potatoes, and hates avocado.  I though for sure she would like avocado, but she was gagging the whole time.  It was so stinkin' funny!  Sad for her, funny for me.  Bad mom moment, haha!  This week we are going to try carrots!  And she loves pear juice...go figure.

I was getting ready the other morning and looked over to see my daughter playing in the dog bowl.  Whatever...what's good for Marley is good for Hadley, ha!  So I stuck a rubber duck in there and let her have at it.  She was having a ball! :)  I think the girl needs a pool...

And since it's Easter week, I put her monogram bunny shirt on and what can I say?  She has a mind of her idea where she got that! ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I know I will...I'll be hanging with my mom!  (And working one

PS- I'm trying a Pure Barre class tomorrow morning...wish me luck!!

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  1. I have so many things to say! First of all, I love the dress and necklace you wore to the wedding. Where is the necklace from? Second, post about Pure Barre! I'm so curious but haven't been brave enough to try it yet. And finally, that monogrammed Easter shirt is the cutest onesie ever!!