Friday, April 4, 2014

Big Girl Stuff and Warm Weather! 5 on Friday

Two posts in one week, what is happening to me?!  I only worked one night this week, that's what!  I've gotten SO much done, too.  It's been fantastic!  So, let's get down to business.

So, this happened at our house this week...

When did my baby girl get big enough to start solid foods??  Hadley has been waking up more at night, can sit up without support/hold her head up, and seems incredibly interested in what is on our plates.  Our pediatrician's office is of the new mentality that waiting to start solids until 6 months is the way to go, so I got in touch with them to see what my options are.  They said that since Hadley is about 2 weeks away from being 6 months, we could start a bit early. :)  We started her off with some infant oatmeal cereal!  She took a couple bites and wanted more.  Success!  She was done after about 10 bites, but I was so proud of her!  We tried again this morning and she kept "talking" and it sounded like she was saying "mmm!"
*I have questions about solids for her 6 month check up, so we aren't using this as nutrition, but more as practice.  I know there is a lot of debate about using cereal as "fillers" with no nutritional value vs. real food.  She's getting all the nutrition she needs from my breast milk right now, so there's my take on that.

Talking about a big girl, we've also been practicing holding her bottle!  Hadley has been trying to hold her bottle recently.  Even though her hands are pretty fat, the bottle is still too big for her!  David found these handle additions that go with the Avent bottles we use, and she loves them!  She makes it through about half of her bottle before she gives up and we have to finish holding it for her.  (Good find, Daddy!)

It has been so pretty here this week!  And warm!  After Hadley's afternoon nap, we've been playing outside until Daddy gets home!  Which has given me some time to work on my photography!  I have a ways to go, but I have a beautiful subject. :)

This girl has been making some crazy faces lately.  She just kills me.  She definitely gets her personality from her momma!  Which I love, but I'm also a little scared by.  I remember all too well just how much "personality" I had growing up, ha!

Hadley was just 2 months old at Christmas this year and we asked for toys she could use throughout the year as she got older.  Each month, we get a new toy out!  Since it's April, it was time to get out a new toy!  This one will change into a walker once she gets old enough, but for now she enjoys flipping everything!  The look on her face in this picture just cracks me up.  She is trying so hard to figure this thing out!

Happy Friday, friends!  Enjoy your weekend! :)


  1. What a big girl!! Hadley is so precious, Erin!! Glad you're enjoying every sweet lit'l bit of mommyhood! ;) Have a fabulous weekend! xo

  2. These pictures are so great! My favorite is most certainly the black and white close up!! Gorgeous!!

  3. She is just so beautiful. Under 4, third pic down...killing me!

    When we started solids it was very reassuring that she was getting everything she needed from breastmilk and everything else was just practice and exploration of textures and tastes. Don't stress yourself out too much with it! And, it gets less messy =) Promise!

  4. Oh I just want to kiss her sweet little belly! Practicing photography is so much fun with cute subjects. :) I'm taking a photography class tomorrow that I'm way excited prepared for way more pics of Collin & Emma on my blog. :) happy weekend!