Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WhereDoes the Time Go?

Hi Friends!

It has been at least half a month since I last wrote on here!  Things have been happening, y'all!  Things were hectic the last time I blogged.  I worked 3 nights in a row and David had a friend come up for a job interview so he stayed with us on night.  The next day, I had to take David to the airport because he was going to Germany on a business trip.  He was gone for 2 whole weeks.  I thought I would die, haha!  (Too dramatic?)  I didn't mention his trip because I'm one of those freaks who think people will come to my house while he's gone.  Anyway....

Marley stayed with my mom for one week and I worked three more nights in a row.  My mom started her spring break while David was in Germany, so she came to hang out with me the last week!  I was so excited because 1) I wouldn't be staying alone anymore 2) I would have my little boy back, and ) I always enjoy hanging out with my mom :)  We ended up having an absolute blast while she was here!

We went on quite a few shopping trips and I got some cute outfits for the spring/summer, we went out to dinner with friends, and we saw this movie--twice!

It was so good!  I always think the book is better and the case is the same here, but the movie was really, really good.  I'm excited to see how the other movies play out.  And y'all, I have to to tell you.  I think Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) is so stinkin' cute!  Obviously Liam Hemsworth is a nice piece of eye candy, but for some reason I think Peeta is adorable!  I was googling him the other day and found out he was born in 1992--oh my gosh!  I died laughing when I figured out he was the same age as my youngest cousin :)  Yes, I'm lame, and I'm totally okay with it.. ha!   We also watched both seasons of this:

Have y'all heard of it?  It's a british phenomenon that has recently come west, ha :)  I love Pride and Prejudice so this is right up my alley!  There are only 2 seasons so far and mom and I watched both of them.  (I'm re-watching them now....)  Unfortunately, the 3rd season doesn't come out in America until January 2013!  How will I survive? :)

We also went to see this little beauty:

Mom hadn't met Casey and Jayma's little girl yet, so she wanted to bring her a little present and meet her.  We had so much fun passing her around and she has just the most beautiful little face!

Having my mom stay for a week was awesome.  I came home from work and the weeds were pulled in the yard, the bushes were clipped, and my house was spotless!  It's so much different than living with a boy;)  We headed to the airport Friday morning when I got off work and picked up David.  Two weeks was too long but I enjoyed having my mom to myself for a few days.

Now, it's back to the normal everyday grind.  I'm working some nights, catching up on rest, trying to keep the house picked up, and working on a few crafts.  I hope everyone had a great week!

PS- I'm adding a late New Year's resolution.  Take more pictures.  There.  I said it.  Now you have to hold me accountable, haha! :)

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