Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Weekend...

Have I mentioned that I don't work weekends anymore?  I don't think I have.  And by weekends, I mean Friday and Saturday. (For some reason, the hospital doesn't count the Sabbath as a weekend...hmm priorities?)  But thanks to a wonderful new addition to our NICU staff, Greta, I am now weekend-free and she is...well, all-weekend, every weekend! :)  And I am so thankful for this opportunity!  I love where I work, but sometimes I can go days where I only see David for an hour.  An hour!  We are newlyweds for cryin' out loud!  We need to spend time with each other!  So when this opportunity came about, I jumped at it.  My new schedule will be Sunday, Monday, Thursday.  Every week.  Awesome!

So this was my first weekend off and now that I have my man back from abroad, we had a lot of ground to cover!  I had quite a list of things for us to do today and I'm afraid to admit they didn't all get done!  But we had some quality time together and that's what counts.  Plus, there's always next weekend. ;)

We have friends in all different stages of life right now, but y'all, I feel like we are going broke being happy for everyone, haha!  We are hosting another baby shower next week so our first stop was the cake bakery, Couture Cakes of Greenville, to order some dessert.  It's the same place that made Casey and Jayma's baby shower cake so I know it will be wonderful!  We also had to pick up a baby gift for them so we headed off to Babies r' us.  All I can say about that place is, they need some major reorganization! Nothing was on the aisle the registry said it was on and the layout didn't make sense!  Pay me, I'll come organize! ;)  We also happened upon a baby pool while we were we picked one up just in case someone wanted to swim later.

Next we headed to pick out some wedding shower presents for one of my long-time friends, Laurel, and David's long-time friend Bo. (No, they aren't marrying each other!)  But they both have festivities falling on the same day that David's cousin graduates from the Citadel so neither of us can make it to either thing!  We are totally bummed about it and I especially hate to miss Laurel's shower. :(  But I wanted her to have a gift to open anyway so I'll ship that off sometime this week.

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Greenville at all, but Woodruff Road is enough to send anyone sane over the edge.  Most of the places we went involved getting on Woodruff at some point and we had had enough so we headed back to our little corner of the world.  And found someone to swim in our new pool:

(And yes, that is a baby gate.  We have two of them. We get great use out of them already.)

Oh yes, Marley adored his spa day.  He has a pool just like this at his grandmommy's house and seeing as it was a nice, warm day- he tried it out.  And looked mighty cute, I might add. ;)

At one point, he got in the pool all by himself- all four paws!  I was excited for him, seeing as he normally just dunks his front paws in.

He was having himself a jolly good time, I think! 

And of course he had to dry off afterwords.

 He did tell me that he needs a blue towel since he's a boy....I guess the pink and green wasn't cutting it. ;)

David did a little of this:

(okay, he did a lot of that.  and yes, that is baby gate #2.)

And I did some of this:

(My shoes eventually came off...)

And I paid for sitting in the sun for hours.  I ended up with my first "burn" of the summer, although I think it will tan up nicely.  I have this Burt's Bees stuff we got at the Tarjay (read: Target) last summer but never ended up using.  It's supposed to be soothing and oh boy was it!  And it smells good, too!  I can see it getting a lot of use over the next few months!  (Annnddd on our trip to Clearwater, Fl!  Ooh la la!)

We ended our lovely day with a yummy dinner and some time with our friends from Downton Abbey.  I had grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Marley, of course, wasn't begging at all.  Just laying like a sweet boy.  There may have been a whimper or two just to remind us he was there....  David had a BLT.

It was a fantastic day and I'm about to end it in our new sheets- a token from our hard work today! :)  I think this was a great way to spend my first weekend home!

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