Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Baby Shower!

On Sunday, David and I held a baby shower for some of our good friends.  Casey and David work together at BMW, but they were meant to be friends.  They are both so goofy and are such good company. David and I wanted to host a shower for them because they are expecting a little girl in February!  We decided to have a couples shower and let me tell you- that was the best decision we made.  Guys should be invited to more showers.  I laughed more than I have laughed in a long time!  They brought so much fun to the party!  Here is a run down of the party:

Food: We had a bunch of finger foods.  We got a lot of our food from Costco and it was delicious!  We bought some bite-size quiches, chicken salad and croissants to make little sandwiches, and some salsa, hummus, and chips.


We made a pesto pasta salad that was delicious and some punch that I had at one of my bridal showers.


For dessert, we had a cake specially made.  The very first thing Jayma bought for the baby was a rug for her room and the cake was a replica of the rug.  I think it turned out amazing!

One good thing about having guys at a party is the beer!  David and Casey have a friend who brews his own beer and has been doing it for a while so he's really good!  Fred brought a brew of his honey-wheat beer and it was perfect for the party!

Games:  What would a baby shower be without games?  We played the obvious game- you can't say baby!  We had little pink clips and had everyone wear one.  You would be surprised how much the guys got into it!  They were using all kinds of tricks to get people to say baby. :)  We also played "Animal Baby".  We had a list of animals and you had to write down the baby name of the animal.  Whoever had the most won a prize.  We gave everyone a few minutes and we had quite a few interesting answers!  "Human" was on there- one of the guys actually wrote down his children's names!  We had to give him credit for that :)  How creative!

 The last game we played was Baby Bingo.  We gave everyone blank bingo cards and had them fill in each space with a present they thought Jayma and Casey would get.  If they were smart, they wrote down what they got to fill in a space!  Talk about free space ;)  The guys were pretty serious about this game, too!

The prizes for all of the games were Target gift cards.

Party favors: For party favors, we bagged up pink and white m&m's and tied them with ribbon.  For Casey and Jayma, David and I bought a frame with a matte and had people sign their wishes for the baby.

  When little bit gets here, they can put a picture of her and hang it in her room!

Casey and Jayma really racked up on the gifts.  They got a bunch of things off their registry and a bunch of cute outfits!

One cool thing is that Jayma's mom was there via Skype!  She lives in Florida and will be arriving in Greenville shortly before the baby comes so she wasn't able to attend the shower, but the guys set it up on the iPad and she was able to "be a part" of the shower!  I thought that was pretty neat :)

Everyone seemed to have a really good time.  We are so glad!  We had a great time getting everyone together for this celebration.  :)

The shower was so much fun and I am so glad we were able to do this for two sweet people.  Casey is such a great friend to David and we just love Jayma.  She is so down to earth and they are going to be such great parents!  

The world is ready to meet you, Miss Nolynn!! :)


  1. that cake is too cute!!! Sounds like a great shower!

  2. Y'all did such a great job on the shower! That looks like so much fun! And I love that it was a couples shower. I have never been to a baby shower with guys-I can only imagine!

    The food sounds delicious, too. I need that pesto pasta salad recipe. And is the punch the same punch that we had at Aunt Diane's party? If so, I NEED that recipe too! : )

  3. CUTE shower!! Looks like you guys had fun!! :)