Friday, January 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

My work schedule has been kind of strange lately in the sense that I have worked a couple days, had one day off, worked a couple more days, had one day off etc. and my sleeping habits have taken a big hit!  I worked Wednesday and Thursday night so when I got home today I hit the hay hard!  I set my alarm to wake me up at 12:30 but that quickly got pushed to 1:00 and then 1:30.  I think it was almost 2:00 when I actually rolled out of bed...  I hate that, especially on such a pretty day, but what can ya do?  A girl needs her beauty rest!  But now I'm playing blog catch up!  Soooo, that being said, here goes!

  • I have ruined dinner 3 times in the last few weeks.  New wife award! :)  Somehow I forgot ingredients to the same meal two times and this past week I added garlic powder to our chili instead of chili powder.  Woops.  My bad.
  • I am enjoying catching up on my DVR'ed shows!  I don't think I watch what most people on here watch.  I watch Body of Proof, Grimm, Blue Bloods, Parenthood, Bones, New Girl, and Castle.  Whew.  That's a mouthful!  I'm not a big bachelor/bachelorette fan--please don't shun me :)  And Grey's Anatomy has lost it's pizzazz for me.
  • David and I got our PB duvet in the mail on Wednesday!  We are still waiting on the shams, but can't wait to go to Lowe's and check out some paint colors now that we have something to compare to.  
  • I am really loving my iPhone!  I have recently downloaded the Starbucks app which allows me to put my giftcards on there and pay with my phone.  LOVE THAT.
I am off a few days next week so I'm hoping to get some blogging done so it won't be so long again! :)  Happy Friday, y'all! 


  1. The iPhone is pretty amazing isn't it? I got one before Christmas and it is so much fun. In response to your comment,my parents are planning to come up here to stay for a few days. Then I have all of spring break to recuperate from it, so hopefully everything will be ok. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I hope you, David, Marley and Jovie are doing well!

  2. I'm not a Bachelor fan either. Too many girls acting like nut cases!! I'll pass ;) But I do still watch Grey's....I just can't help it!

  3. When we were first married, I used a quarter cup of baking soda instead of cornstarch in a recipe. Another time, I used an entire can of adobo peppers instead of just three. We still love to joke about those instances!

    We are totally over Grey's Anatomy, too. . .

    I am totally going to use that Starbucks ap!

  4. LOVE Castle! Haven't watched much lately, but I really enjoy it. I've given up on Gery's Anatomy too. It's just not good anymore.