Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Honeymoon: Day 10

Oh, our last full day in beautiful Maui.  Our last day was pretty low-key.  We didn't plan anything except shopping and a luau for dinner.  We figured we'd better come home with some good stuff for our families!  And we wanted to bring something home that was special to us from each island we stayed on as well.  So for most of the morning and early afternoon, we shopped!  And actually, that's what we were doing when we found out Steve Jobs had passed away.  We were in the Maui Brewing Company t-shirt shop when my mom called.  Y'all, he holds a very weird place in my heart, haha!  My entire family had microsoft computers before David came into the picture, and once he came along, he changed all of our tunes. :)  First me, then slowly the rest of my family.  (Not totally, thanks to my Grandmom, we had the first ipod that ever came out.  That thing is huge, by the way!)  So we spent the better part of the afternoon talking and then saying, "gosh, I can't believe he's dead!"

We did that even as we ate lunch.  And lunch?  This was our view:

Ughh, I could not believe we were leaving the next day!  I tried and tried to talk David into staying an extra week, to moving there permanently....but since we're back in good ole' Simpsonville, my begging didn't work! ;)  But really, people...can you imagine waking up anywhere more beautiful than this everyday?!

I also got a flower to bring home!  I still love it and I know it's going to get some great use this summer. :)

We really didn't take too many pictures during the day, we just enjoyed being with each other.  But we did take some at the luau!  David and I spent 5 days on Oahu and 5 days on Maui.  We made the decision before we even booked our trip that we wanted to experience a luau on each island we visited.  I know this is part of the "draw" for "mainland" Americans when they come to Hawaii, but it's also part of their rich culture that "mainland" Americans tried to force out for decades.  So, for our last excursion on our honeymoon, we attended the Old Lahaina Luau!

Of course we had our "before dinner" pictures. :)  It's just tradition at this point!

 Didn't my hubby look so handsome?!

When we arrived, they gave us our admission packet, with our names on it!  My new name!  Excited was an understatement.  I had to have proof!  And yes, I saved it for a scrapbook. :)

The girls were also offered a flower to place behind our ear-- but not just any ear!  If you are married, or taken, then the flower goes behind your left ear.  If you are single, or approachable, the flower goes behind your right ear!  Well, I'm taken!! My flower was worn proudly behind my left ear! :)

 We were shown to our seats and then left to roam the grounds.  They had a lot of craft areas where you could learn about Hawaiian culture or watch natives making unique things.  David and I still hadn't found that "something special" from Maui until we came upon this guy:

Making these:


We knew we had to have one.  We had been one of the few on our snorkel trip to see a sea turtle so we knew this would always be special to us.  The man even engraved the bottom of the sea turtle for us:

One of our few pictures together. :)  I love this picture for more than the fact that it has both of us in it! (Although I do love it because of that, haha!) But all of the boats in the background?  The Old Lahaina Luau is situated right on the coastline and boat after boat came in and settled to watch the luau from the sea.  It must have been so peaceful for them to be rocked by the calm waves at sundown, listening to the traditional Hawaiian music and seeing the traditional Hawaiian dances.  I bet they also really liked seeing all of the honeymooners come down to the front to dance. ;)

The show is a "must-see" if you ever visit Maui.  It was beautifully done, the food was delicious, and the dancers were magical.  It was the perfect way to end our honeymoon and say "aloha" to wonderful Maui.


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