Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life Lately

We have had a really busy summer. Here's a little about what we've been up to lately.

Hadley's Aunt Amy (my cousin, but more like sister!) got married in June!  At the beginning of June, all of her bridesmaids took a weekend trip to Charleston to celebrate her.

And at the end of June, she got married!  Hadley was the flower girl and I was so proud of my girl!  She walked all the way down the aisle holding her little bouquet and my hand.

After the wedding, Hadley and I spent a week with my family while our bathroom at home was being renovated.  We spent lots of time at my grandparents pool!  We are spoiled!  I was also proud of how Hadley took to the water!  She would kick around the pool in her little float ring and had the time of her life.

We spent July 4th weekend at the lake with David's side of the family.  I was afraid Hadley wouldn't like wearing her life jacket, but it didn't seem to bother her a bit!  She got to see her first fireworks and she LOVED them.  She's fearless, this one.  On another note, she's decided she hates sleeping in her pack n' play when we travel, so while we were at the lake, David had to sleep on a pallet on the floor while Hadley and I slept in the bed.  At least she slept well, haha!

We have also done a bunch of things on her summer bucket list.  We had ice cream at Happy Cow, a local creamery.  The cows get fed right in the front, so always stop to say "hello" to them, grab some ice cream, and sit around to eat it!  Hadley couldn't wait for her ice cream to soften a bit, so she ditched her spoon and went straight to licking! ;)

She also got her first taste of a s'more.  I'm not sure she enjoyed it one bit...that smile on her face is priceless, haha!

And we visited a local farmer's market!  Hadley got to try a chocolate croissant, a mango smoothie, dance to some music, and even talked her Daddy into buying her some pretty flowers.  She's pretty smooth!


I went to the Shania Twain concert with a couple of my girlfriends and we had so much fun!  It definitely took me back to my younger days.  When I was pregnant with Hadley, anytime she heard music she would move all around and now the girl loves to dance all the time.  And that's not an exaggeration.  But this kid?  Didn't move a muscle during the concert.  I'm so interested to see how different they are when he finally arrives!

We celebrated our "fur"st born's birthday.  He's seven.  I can't believe he's technically considered a senior now.  Cue the tears.  Luckily most little dogs live a little longer than bigger dogs and this boy has a lot of life left in him!  Until we bring another baby home, and then we might have to start medicating him, haha!

Hadley has figured out how to lock doors.  More specifically, lock herself behind doors.  We have a key that works on almost all of the door knobs in our house, but unfortunately she found the one room with the one knob that can't be unlocked for some reason.  Of course being the concerned mom I am, I took pictures of this whole thing....

And our favorite Aunt Amy (yes, the one who got married in June!) came to spend a couple days with us while Uncle Tyler was out of town for business.  Clearly, this girl loves her people.  I can't even handle Hadley's hand.

I love my camera, but I sure do love the iPhone photo invention.  Sometimes it's so hard to capture that perfect moment when I'm trying to chase down my big camera.  That fleeting moment would be gone.  So these photos are grainy from my phone, but definitely filled with a lot of love!

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