Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Beginning

David and I are coming up on one year of marriage.  What?  How did time fly by so fast?!  I started thinking about how close we are and realized I don't think I've ever mentioned how we met- aside from both going to Clemson.  In keeping with the spirit of anniversary weekend, I thought I'd tell the tale now! :)

First thing first, I have loved Clemson since Mrs. Libby (my math tutor) moved in across the street 15 years ago.  She took me to as many Clemson games as she could and I fell in love.  David has played soccer since he was a teeny, tiny little boy.  He was born and raised in Athens, GA so the first question most people ask is, "why didn't you go to Georgia?"--answer: they don't have a soccer team.  If Georgia had a soccer team, that's where he would have ended up.  So, we both ended up at Clemson.  It's amazing to look back and see how God has worked.

So back to the story:  I potlucked housing my sophomore year and wound up with 2 great roommates and 1 crazy roommate.  The crazy roommate was 26, a recovering drug addict, and brought ridiculous 30 year old men home to our on campus know, to spend the night.  For three 19 year olds, we were not okay with that!  We lived with it a little while, but soon after school started, she wasn't a recovering addict anymore.  She pulled all kinds of crazy shenanigans, like cooking cereal in the stove until the whole place filled with smoke and locked herself out of the apartment and we'd find her curled up in a ball outside in the morning.  The final straw was her cutting up a stained piece of carpet and super-gluing a new piece of carpet (cut from under her bed...) into the old spot.  Yes, that happened.

It obviously wasn't a safe environment to live in, so after much talk with Clemson, they gave me 3 different options on places to move on campus.  All 3 of them were farther from main campus than where I was, so I went to the closest place first to look around.  The girls were rowers, really nice, and their apartment was closest to campus.  Oh, and 4 boys lived next door.  I was sold.  :)

One evening, I was outside, sitting on the stairs talking to my mom on the phone, when this guy rounded on the corner in his soccer practice clothes and started coming up the stairs.  He smiled at me, I smiled at him, he held out his hand for a high five--that I, of course, reciprocated!  And that was it.

They had a party, invited us girls over, and we just kept hanging out after that.  We haven't stopped. :)  He's one of my favorite people to hang out with and the fact that I get to do that every. single. day. now makes my heart happy.

We're headed to Atlanta this weekend for our "first anniversary" trip and we're uber excited!  My plan is to hunt down the 'Catching Fire' set, do a little acting, get a spot in the movie, become a famous actress, and move to Hollywood...sound like a plan?! :)

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