Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time Flies...

I think it's safe to say that time has left me in the dust!  I have been so busy recently!  The NICU has been slammed with so many babies that we have been short-staffed--meaning we're all working extra shifts!  Throw that in with laundry, house-cleaning, college football, and sick puppies...well, there's no time for blogging!  But family is starting to question if I'm ever going to blog again (and let's be real- I was asking myself the same question!) so here's an update on our life!

David and I celebrated our ONE YEAR of marriage on September 24th!  We went down to Atlanta the weekend before and visited the Coke Factory and the Georgia Aquarium!  And of course we went to Atlantic Station to do a little shopping. ;)

Us and the Coca-Cola polar bear!

The vault where the secret recipe is kept!

I used to have a Coca-Cola Santa!  I still do, but I think his coke bottle is gone... :(

On the American Idol couch!

My free coke!

Beluga whales!  Raffi anyone...or Michelle Tanner?? :)

Just hangin' with the penguins... :)

My love :)

One of the few pictures he let me take of him! :)

*Let me just say this: there are 160 flavors at the Coke Factory.  I tried quite a few of them.  There are some NASTY flavors in different countries.  I'm not quite sure how they even drink the stuff!  But I bet they say the same thing about the "American" flavors :)

My new shirt with a Marley dog on it!!

We had so much fun celebrating.  We just couldn't believe a year has passed, sometimes I still can't believe it.  And of course I spent the next two weeks moping around because a year before I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon!  :)

Our actual anniversary, David worked and I made dinner.  Once we ate, we opened up our year-old wedding cake!  Cue the music: dun, dun, dun!!!

David tried it first and he liked it.  He actually liked it!  He never got a piece of the chocolate mocha cake at our wedding so he had literally been waiting a year for this, haha!

David ate a few pieces (gross!) for a couple days and then I tossed the rest.  It was a sad day, haha! 

The first weekend in October, Clemson played Georgia Tech.  We're Clemson fans, but my cousin Scott went to GT so we invited him and my new puppy-niece down for a visit.  We hadn't met Zoe yet, so we were very excited for her visit!  Well, most of us were.  Marley was none too pleased with her arrival.  We're pretty sure that given a longer visit, they may have become friends because Marley was slightly (and I mean ever so slightly...) more tolerant of Zoe than when she first showed up. :)

Laying her head on her daddy's leg :)

Laying with Aunt Erin!

Zoe is by far one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen.  She has wrinkles on her face that make her look so mischevious!  She was hyper, chewed on everything (our coffee table and toes!) and played non-stop.  It was so much fun having a puppy around the house!

And this week I had to take Marley to the vet for "reverse sneezing."  He's been doing it non-stop the last 4-5 days and was getting difficult for him to catch his breath, so the vet put him on an antihistamine.  The vet also talked about his "grade II luxating patella" in his left leg.  He mentioned that we'll need to look at getting that fixed at some point.  And oh, by the way, the surgery is about $1000!!!  Yep.  We'll get right on that. ;)  

Anyway, that's the quick update.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, the crazy baby situation is starting to slow down a bit and I'll have more time to blog.  If not, it might be Christmas before I get back here, ha! ;)

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