Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Cookout!

This weekend, David and I headed to my hometown to get some good, quality family time in!  I had planned on going home for July 4th, but it turns out I have to work that day!  So we left Friday after David got home from work.  I was so excited because my cousin Scott was going to be coming home and Amy was going to be in town!  The cousins reunited again. :)  The only part that stunk about the weekend was that my mom wasn't there!  She's visiting friends in Florida and having a grand ole time!

On our way down, the thermometer on our car reached 120 degrees...what?!  Yep, we were right in the middle of a heat wave!


We got in to town right about the same time Scott did, so we went to dinner with him, Amy, and my Aunt Diane and Uncle Mike.  We had so much fun catching up over dinner!  I spent quite a lot of time growing up at my Aunt Diane's house so I always enjoy getting together with them. :)

Saturday, we headed over to my grandparents house to lay out.  We didn't do much laying out though...it ended up being about 104 degrees so we spend most of the time actually in the pool!  It was so much fun to have everyone all together again.

Me and Amy!

Whenever the boys get together, they always make up weird games and make up rules as they go along...I'd try to explain this game, but I don't know the rules!

Tyler and David throwing pitches to Scott....

Scott hitting with the paddle...

The extent of my athletic ability right here....

Picking daisies... haha :)

Scott's reaction to playing any game with me, haha!  

Marley even took a turn in the pool!  We're still trying to figure out if he liked it or was terrified, haha!

Trying it out..

Out to Amy!

Save me, Amy!

Back to mommy!

We had a yummy cookout for dinner!  My granddad makes the best hamburgers in the world so he grilled some of those for us!

Me and my hubby :)

Me and Amy :)

Amy and Tyler, cuties!!

My grandmom had some great appetizers, including some kind of bean and mozerella salad that I'm going to have to get the recipe for!  And for desert- we had homemade peach ice cream and homemade blueberry ice cream!  My favorite was the peach ice cream :)  It had these huge, frozen chunks of peach--heaven!

I'm going to need the recipe for that, too! 

David with his awesome goggles on :)  

 Me and my granddaddy:)
Of course I had a Starbucks date with my granddaddy Sunday morning and David and I spent a little more time at the pool before we headed back to our home.  It was such a wonderful weekend and I was totally not ready for it to end!  But we've got a few more celebrations this summer so I think we'll have more fun sooner rather than later! 


  1. Aww looks like such a fun time with family!!! Sad you missed your mom, but glad you got in a fun pre 4th cookout!!

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time! I love the picture of you and your granddaddy, and the post about him. It reminds me a lot of my relationship with my grandfather. He will also be giving me away :)The heat has been unbearable here too! I hope the storms we've been having will bring the temps down a bit!