Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have been in a funk the last few days.  I love, LOVE what I do.  I love my little babies and feel so blessed that this is what I get to do.  But.  I hate the politics.  With a passion.  I know everyone has "politics" they have to deal with at work so I'm pretty sure you guys know where I'm coming from. :)  
And on top of that, I got the burn of the century this past weekend!  Today was the first day I've showered with warm water since Friday, ha!  But there's nothing like the wedding of a good friend to help with the funk!

This past weekend, David was a groomsman in our friend Havird's wedding.  David and Havird played soccer together at Clemson.  Havird and Brooke are both from Augusta, so Friday afternoon we headed towards Augusta!  We checked into our hotel, changed, and headed straight to the church for the rehearsal.  I wasn't in it, so I sat in the back and snuck pictures. :)

The church was beautiful and was so gorgeous on the night of the wedding.  After the rehearsal, we all headed to Havird's parents house for the rehearsal dinner.  The food was some good southern cooking: chicken, fried fish, grits, hush puppies...and this delicious cake!  Havird helps run his family's company "Fat Man's Cafe".  If you ever visit Augusta, you definitely need to try Fat Man's!  The cake was in the shape of the fat man; so cute!

David thoroughly enjoyed getting to catch up with all of his soccer buddies.  I'm not sure when they had all been together last!

 *David, Mark, and Ryan*

Part of the party favors from the rehearsal dinner were these cute shirts!  

*David and Havird at the rehearsal*

On Saturday, everyone decided to lay out at the pool.  Luckily I thought to bring a bathing suit with me.  Unluckily, I forgot to bring sunscreen.  Doubly unlucky, no one else thought to bring any either.  And with my pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair, I was burned before I even knew what happened.  I was only out there for about 2 hours, but it was enough!  I ended up with sun poisoning--I felt terrible and my legs were even brought blood to the surface so now that they are healing, my legs look bruised and beaten.

David had to leave before I had to get ready so I grabbed a shot of my stud of a hubby all dressed up!  He cleans up nice if I do say so myself!

And I had to get a mirror shot of myself all dressed up since David wasn't there to do it for me!

 I ended up riding to the wedding with Mark's wife Katie.  She was so sweet to take me!  We ended up sitting with Ryan's mom and sister, and Mark's little sister Meredith.  I've known Meredith and Sarah since the college soccer days so it was fun getting to catch up with them!

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was so fun!  The reception was held at Fat Man's and the weather was wonderful for their big day.  We got a nice group shot of all the soccer guys and girls.  The only thing that would have been better is if Havird and Brooke had been in the picture!

 We had to leave early the next morning because I had to work Sunday night.  But we are so happy for you Havird and Brooke!  We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon in Costa Rica and can't wait to see where life takes you!

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