Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Have We Been Up To?

We've been staying busy!  I'm gearing up for my first summer where I actually have to work!  What is this nonsense?  So far I'm not impressed. ;)  I miss getting to lay out at the pool and take vacations to the beach!

First and foremost, Evelyn Felicity made her debut on May 31st and weighed in at a whopping 9 lb. 15 oz.!  She's gorgeous, as we expected. :) David and I couldn't wait to get our hands on that little angel!  (You might remember the baby shower we threw for Evie's parents here!)

"Aunt" Erin!

"Uncle" David- such a trooper- he had just gotten home from Germany that day!

Sunday we went to the wedding of one of my good friends at work!  Whitney made a beautiful bride and her wedding was gorgeous.  Everything seemed to go perfectly and her hubby is crazy in love with her.  They are so stinkin' cute to watch.

The new bride and groom! :)

NICU girls :)

On another note, Marley seems to be doing a lot better.  He is acting a lot more like himself now, although the last 2 days he's thrown up twice.  Not sure what is going on, but we've got him down to one type of food, one type of treat, and no table food.  He's not a fan and he lets us a know it!

This is where you can find him during most meals now, getting as close as he can without actually touching the food, haha!

Friday, David and I went on a date!  Yes, yes, trying to keep the magic alive. ;)  We went to dinner at P.F. Chang's (which is where we went the night we got engaged!), stopped by a book store to browse, then grabbed some ice cream!  I always enjoy getting to spend time with my hubby, just the two of us.  When we got home, we popped in a game we hadn't played since college: Guitar Hero!  Once upon a time, I could play on expert and beat most of Dave's friends. ;)  Not the case anymore!  I'm definitely rusty, but it was fun to play against each other, haha!

Yesterday, my cousin Amy and her boyfriend Tyler came down for the day to visit!  We needed our cars washed and Tyler was in the market for some money, so he washed our cars!  Amy, David, and I walked downtown a little bit and we all ended up going to dinner at Takosushi.  Yum!  Amy wanted to show Tyler the bridge downtown, so we headed in that direction.  

Standing on the bridge!

Tyler wasn't content to just stay on the bridge, he wanted to climb on the rocks!  So we all followed him to the waterfall.  Of course I had to snap a picture of the cute couple! :) 

 We had so much fun and hope they can come back again for another visit soon. :)  And actually, Amy and Tyler are preparing to go to Kenya for a mission trip in July so if you think about it, could you send up some prayers for them and the group they are going with?  They have such big hearts, but it always makes me nervous when my family isn't in the same place! :)

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