Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Update in List Form

I love lists.  I love them because I can cross things off and look like I've been accomplishing things!  Sometimes I'll even put things on my list that I've already done just so they will be crossed off and make me feel better about what I have (or haven't!) done that day, haha!  I blogged a few days ago so there really hasn't been  much going on since then, but here's a list of some stuff that has:

  • I think I blogged last time about going to urgent care because I was sick.  Turns out I had a really bad sinus infection.  The NP actually said, "There is a lot of green stuff, you are so swollen on the right side that I can't even see, and you have so much fluid behind your right ear that you are well on your way to an ear infection."  Joy.  Right before my birthday, too!  I left with an antibiotic, 2 cough suppressants, and a nasal steroid!  Happy Birthday to me! :)
  • I spent the majority of my birthday laying on the couch watching movies.  David worked on my jeep which has been giving us problems.
  • We did get to go to dinner for my birthday!  I rested up all day for it! :)  We went to Nami (of course!).  Jess, Jake, Phil, and Emily joined and it was a wonderful time.  We laughed a lot and ate some really good food.
  • Dinner wore me out.  I was so exhausted Sunday! And it turns out that whatever I had before my sinus infection was contagious because David started feeling not-so-hot.
  • Monday was sick day!  I called in sick for Monday night and david called in sick Monday.  We rested, ate tomato soup and grilled cheese, and ran a few errands...including taking my car to the dodge repair shop.
  • Turns out that to fix my jeep is going to cost a pretty penny.  Ughh.  My jeep is 13 years old and we have been having to fix small things on it about every 6 months.  At what point do you stop fixing and just get a new car??!  It's in wonderful shape to be 13 years old so I have no idea.
  • I've been working on my wedding stuff.  I'm going to be making a wedding scrapbook (minus cutting up my pictures, oh my word I might cry if I did that!).  I ordered the scrapbook box off Amazon and ordered my prints from shutterfly.  They should hopefully be here this weekend when I have to work.
  • Going through all of my wedding stuff has made me act like a giddy child.  I loved everything about my wedding :)  I'll have to show off my scrapbook once it's complete. 
I think that's enough for a list!  I only had a quick minute to blog.  I have to finish cleaning up around the house.  My mom is coming for a night, dropping Macy (her dog) off to spend the weekend, and heading out of town for a friend's daughter's wedding.  Marley will sure enjoy having a playmate :)  I hope everyone has a wonderful week an stays sick-free!!

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